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Face Off Recap: Going Underwater

January 18, 2012 09:52 PM by Ryan Haidet

Face Off splashed into underwater territory in its second episode of the season tonight after a massive debut last week on SyFy.  There was only one challenge for the entire hour in which the remaining contestants were tasked with making an aquatic creature.  The twist?  The makeup had to be completely waterproof since each model would be submerged in a tank for the judges to see.  If one thing was clear from this challenge, Beki is definitely a person you never want to have on your bad side. What all went down and who was eliminated?  Read on to find out!

The episode got to a swimming start with everybody at an aquarium where they were divided into teams of two.  One team had three people because Brea, the winner in last week’s main challenge, had the opportunity to choose her team.  Here’s how everybody was teamed up:

  • Jerry and Nix
  • Miranda and Beki
  • Ian and RJ
  • Matt and Tara
  • Heather and Athena
  • Sue, Rayce and Brea

Everybody immediately raced through the aquarium looking for the creature they wanted to use as inspiration for their makeup.  Once they made their selections, the teams headed back to the shop to start their creations.

Almost immediately Beki and Miranda started arguing about the look of their creature.  Miranda didn’t like the face Beki had been sculpting because she thought it looked like a duck.  By the second day of the task, their relationship only got worse.  When Beki was asking Miranda for her credentials in the business, the tension was thick.  Miranda felt attacked in the questioning and the fighting continued.  I really liked Beki in the first episode because I thought she was showing definite signs of a solid competitor.  I just hope her open, brash opinions don’t bite her in the butt.

The disputes between Beki and Miranda completely overshadowed a lot of the other work that was taking place.  Some of the other highlights from the three days the contestants were making their creatures included a hilarious moment in which Heather and Athena’s model kept falling asleep when they tried to apply the makeup to his face.

When it came time to reveal their creations, all of the teams were nervous about putting the makeup underwater.  Up first was Matt and Tara’s creation.  It looked amazing.  Without a doubt my favorite makeup of the night.  It flowed and sparked underwater and the prosthetics were absolutely amazing.

Next up was Nix and Jerry’s turtle creature.  As soon as the model got in the tank, it was an instant disaster.  The makeup was coming off the model’s skin and he could barely stay under the water based on how everything was built.  It was really bad even out of the water because of its cartoonish colors.

Another disaster came when Ian and RJ’s lawyer/shark creation got into the tank.  While trying to pull off a creative twist, the suit on the model immediately floated up when he got in the tank and covered up the facial makeup — which didn’t look that great anyway.

I thought Heather and Athena’s makeup looked really bulky and weird right off the bat.  Something about it just appeared way too fishy and corny.  I didn’t like it at all.  But the judges adored the work they did with the makeup.  They actually thought it was one of the best.  Huh?  I must not be looking at the same thing they saw.  It looked goofy and I just don’t understand what they were thinking with that one.  If you look at the picture of it below, you’ll notice it just looks depressed, tired and silly.  You can even clearly see the piece covering his crotch.  Sorry, but I totally disagree with the judges here.  This was not one of the strongest makeups.  What do you think?

Rayce, Brea and Sue’s creation wasn’t great, but it was’t terrible.  It was right in the middle for me.

Despite Beki and Miranda’s constant fighting, I think their makeup came off great.  The fabrics they attached to the model elegantly flowed in the water, which was an awesome touch.

When it came time for the teams to be judged, Tara and Matt were declared the best duo.  It was ultimately Matt who the judges felt did the best.  As far as the worst teams, the judges selected Jerry/Nix and Ian/RJ.  In the end, Nix was sent packing for his bad paint job on the turtle that one judge actually called a “turd.”

What do you think of the show so far?  Who do you think has what it takes to win the whole thing?  Are you happy Nix was eliminated or do you think he deserved to stay?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images by Nicole Wilder/SyFy.

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