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Kasey Kahl Accused Of Beating Up A Woman And A “Jersey Shore” Wannabe

January 18, 2012 01:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Kasey Kahl, of ABC‘s Bachelor Pad and The Bachelorette was arrested yesterday for what we thought was simply drunk and disorderly conduct. Now, new reports claim that Kasey Kahl was actually intoxicated to the point that he beat up a woman and her boyfriend, but reps for Kasey claim that these two are just “Jersey Shore” wannabes looking for their 15 minutes of fame! Read on for all the juicy details!

Kasey Kahl, a 27-year-old Bachelor Pad contestant was arrested this past Sunday at Club Habanos in Fresno, C.A., for what we originally learned was “drunk and disorderly conduct,” but it appears that was not the case in its entirety. According to police, Kasey Kahl was “drunk and belligerent,” and TMZ, who claims to have gotten a copy of the police report said: “Kahl was accused of attacking a man named Richard Chaney outside the club…and then smashing Chaney’s girlfriend in the face when she tried to break up the fight.”

According to the police report, Kasey Kahl walked up the couple and started talking smack to them, and when Richard Chaney asked Kasey to leave his girlfriend alone, that is when things took a violent turn. Renee Idsinga, Chaney’s girlfriend claims that the guys got into a brawl, and then Kasey Kahl attacked her by smacking her in the face, giving her a bloody nose. Renee Idsinga did admit to scratching Kasey Kahl’s neck as she tried to break up the brawl between Kasey and her boyfriend.

Kasey Kahl, however is claiming that it was all in self defense and he plans on pressing charges again the couple, who also plan on pressing charges against him. A rep for Kasey Kahl referred Richard Chaney as nothing more than a “Jersey Shore” wannabe, and told TMZ: “As Kasey is in the public eye, it is not unlikely that we would not be surprised if these persons bent on attaining their 15 minutes of fame, while intoxicated and perhaps fueled by jealousy, will antagonize and attack stars such as Kasey in a ‘Jersey Shore’ type brawl given the opportunity.”

Police also noted that Kasey Kahl: “made it a point to tell me that he was a celebrity and he was on several reality shows including ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Celebrity Couple’s Retreat.”

Less than two months ago, Kasey Kahl split from his Bachelor Pad girlfriend, Vienna Girardi – gosh the poor guy can’t have any fun! You can head over to People.com and check out Kasey’s adorable mug shot! What do you think of Kasey Kahl being arrested? Do you believe Kasey Kahl or his accusers? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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