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Tori & Dean Recap: Home Sweet Hollywood – Super Sweet 38

January 18, 2012 12:57 AM by Ashley Lee

If you thought last week’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood was action-packed for the Royal Wedding, that’s nothing compared to what just aired on Oxygen: it’s all about Tori Spelling’s birthday, Sally’s surprise baby shower, “party in a box” products and finding love for Mehran. And none of it would be possible without a medium at a séance and the Millionaire Matchmaker, right? Read on for the full recap!

Though Tori doesn’t like to throw parties for herself, she’s gonna celebrate her birthday because turning 38 years old is scary. And “scary” should therefore be the theme of the party. But the idea of having a séance at the house freaks Dean out, and Tori partially agrees. “I’m worried that one of the spirits will slip INTO the baby!”

Thankfully, that’s unlikely. Tori and Mehran give their trusty medium a call, who says, “I don’t even call this a seance, I call it a family reunion.” Guess it’s settled then: a séance for Tori’s 38th birthday, it is!

Just because Tori’s pregnant doesn’t mean she stops working (of course not!). So she and Mehran meet with Pulsar Products to brainstorm new products for HSN. Their latest concept: “Partying In A Box, all the things you would need to throw a party…in a box!” explains Tori. Everyone likes the idea; even Totes (the goat) starts to eat their inspiration boards.

While planning her birthday party AND brainstorming for her brand, Tori finds time to meet with good friend and Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. Mehran was his last serious relationship eight years ago, when his partner passed away from an undetected heart condition, and hasn’t dated too much ever since. ”I just want him to find love again, and I feel like he can find true love,” says Tori.

After interviewing Mehran, Patti then interviews groups of gays to find a handful of matches, asking them if they have real jobs and are considered “pocket gays.” The few she approves of move on to a mixer, where they’re introduced to Mehran and competing for one-on-one dates. Who’s most excited for the idea? Tori, of course. “It’s like a shopping spree for a husband!”

After Mehran selects two guys at the mixer, he schedules both dates back-to-back and wants Tori and Sally to spy on the dates and see how they’re going from afar. How will it look to have two pregnant women sitting at the bar? It’ll look find if they go shopping, right?

Tori takes Sally shopping for birthing essentials and a last “hot momma outfit” to spy on Mehran’s date. Even more so, Tori’s also planned a surprise baby shower for Sally that will be held right after the date! “There’s no way you can’t be pregnant, sexy and do it all at an affordable price,” brags Tori. “Vintage: under fifty bucks!”

Mehran’s date with Charles (pictured below) goes okay, but as his second date, Jonathan, is walking in, he sees a pregnant woman that looks a ton like Tori and starts waving hysterically! Tori plays it off anonymously from afar, but she keeps trying to get a closer look at their date…while fighting pregnancy cravings. It’s hard to be incognito while pregnant and in a sundress! Eventually, Jonathan catches her spying. “I knew it was you!” he shouts.

Once the dates are over, they finally get Sally up to the rooftop for her vintage bunny-themed baby shower, and thankfully, she’s incredibly pleasantly surprised. Everybody wears bunny ears and nibbles on bunny cupcakes as Sally is showered with gifts.

Finally, it’s time for Tori’s 38th birthday party! However, while setting up the morning of, the catering company cancels on Tori. Dean decides to step in and has eight hours to prepare a full meal and tons of appetizers for a picky and pregnant Tori and all their foodie friends. “Babe, I’m not gonna let you down on your birthday!” The food is well-received and adored by all — he catered his first party on his own!

Everyone arrives dressed in a scary costume: Stella and Liam are Chucky and Bride of Chucky; Freddy and Jason show up, and Tori Spelling is dressed up as Rosemary’s Baby. At the séance, the medium claims that the energy of Aaron Spelling is present. ”Everyone knows I lost my dad, so it’s an obvious choice,” Tori says. However, Tori really wants to believe that it’s true, that he’s there offering advice and comfort for Liam and Stella.

The medium also touches on the fact that Dean is incredibly distant from his family at the moment. He later confesses to Tori that he hasn’t spoken to his sisters for three years, ever since he and Tori started having children. He hopes to reunite with them, as does Tori, but isn’t sure if he can.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?

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