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VIDEO Survivor: One World — Meet The 18 New Castaways

January 18, 2012 06:21 PM by Ryan Haidet

It won’t just be Redemption Island that’s missing from Survivor: One World, but so will returning castaways.  The cast for the upcoming 24th season features 18 all-new players ready to battle it out for $1 million.  The 18 newbies include the show’s first little person, a sushi chef, a banker, a stand-up comic, a retired LAPD officer and somebody simply described as an ex-NFL player’s wife.  To meet the entire cast, read on for more!

During the first episode, the 18 castaways will be divided into two tribes along gender lines.  But the even bigger twist is that both tribes — Salani (blue) and Manono (orange) — will be living together on the same beach.

Watch a video with the new castaways:

Meet the Salani tribe (cast photo after each bio):

Nina Acosta, 51

  • Current residence: Clovis, California
  • Occupation: Retired LAPD officer

Christina Cha, 29

  • Current residence: West Hollywood, California
  • Occupation: Career consultant

Monica Culpepper, 41

  • Current residence: Tampa, Florida
  • Occupation: Ex-NFL player’s wife

Kat Edorsson, 22

  • Current residence: Orlando, Florida
  • Occupation: Timeshare rep

Chelsea Meissner, 26

  • Current residence: Charleston, South Carolina
  • Occupation: Medical sales

Kourtney Moon, 29

  • Current residence: Austin, Texas
  • Occupation: Motorcycle repair

Alicia Rosa, 25

  • Current residence: Chicago, Illinois
  • Occupation: Special ed teacher

Kim Spradlin, 29

  • Current residence: San Antonio, Texas
  • Occupation: Bridal shop owner

Sabrina Thompson, 33

  • Current residence: Brooklyn, New York
  • Occupation: High school teacher

Meet the Manono tribe (cast photo after each bio):

Jay Byars, 25

  • Current residence: Gaffney, South Carolina
  • Occupation: Model

Colton Cumbie, 21

  • Current residence: Monroeville, Alabama
  • Occupation: College student

Michael Jefferson, 30

  • Current residence: Seattle, Washington
  • Occupation: Banker

Leif Manson, 27

  • Current residence: San Diego, California
  • Occupation: Phlebotomist

Jonas Otsuji, 37

  • Current residence: Lehi, Utah
  • Occupation: Sushi chef

Bill Posley, 28

  • Current residence: Venice, California
  • Occupation: Stand-up comedian

Matt Quinlan, 33

  • Current residence: San Francisco, California
  • Occupation: Attorney

“Troyzan” Troy Robertson, 50

  • Current residence: Miami, Florida
  • Occupation: Swimsuit photographer

Greg Smith, 64

  • Current residence: Houston, Texas
  • Occupation: Plastic surgeon

Survivor: One World premieres at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 15.  The show was filmed in Samoa, which marks the fourth time it has been used as a location.

Who is your favorite cast member so far?  Are you happy there aren’t any returning players?  What do you think of the new twist with both tribes living on the same beach?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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One Response to “VIDEO Survivor: One World — Meet The 18 New Castaways”

  1. Deanna Says:
    January 18th, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    THANK GOD there are NO returning peeps! The game will be soooo much more interesting with everyone starting out on the same page! I have watched EVERY single episode of Survivor…I wish they would show more footage of people hanging around the camp doing their day to day stuff. Too much footage on extra challenges..extend the show time if you are going to incorporate more of that…it seems that last two seasons have been challenges then tribal…we miss the day to day survival shots!


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