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American Idol Recap: Did Pittsburgh Deliver The Talent?

January 19, 2012 07:15 PM by Lisa Princ

American Idol was back tonight with more Season 11 auditions. Last night, the auditions took us to Savannah Georgia, and tonight the judges made their way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in their hunt for the best talent. Did Pittsburgh deliver? Read on for all the highlights!

American Idol kicked off more auditions tonight, this time in Pittsburgh, PA, which happens to be a city that Idol has never been to. The auditions started off on a great note, with Heejun Han, who was so nervous that he could not stop shaking his arms, and the judges were having a blast shaking along with him. In a shocker, HeeJun sang How am I supposed to live without you, and he rocked it! Then we watched Reed Grimm, who chose to perform the Family Matters theme song, and it was great, and probably one of the most unique auditions yet. Needless to say both HeeJun and Reed were sent to Hollywood.

The auditions in Pittsburgh continued to go well, as they continued with a gal who brought her “planking” sister along, who laid on the stage in front of her as she sang, and the judges were wowed. Then we met Creighton Fraker, a starving artist from New York, who blew the judges away with his tune, which he wrote on the way to the auditions. Steven called him a “beautiful man,” and Randy said he had a “wild, crazy voice, and he loved it.” Eben Franckewitz, a Justin Bieber lookalike was up next and he was adorable – and of course it helped that he sang great.

Next on American Idol was Travis Orlando – remember him from last season? He was back and he took on Isn’t she lovely and the judges seemed to be on the fence. Then Travis told the judges how drastically his life changed in the past year, since his mom left him and his family. Travis went from a happy family to living in a shelter with his dad and brother. His audition was good, and I think the judges felt some sorrow for him as well, so he was given a golden ticket.

Erika Van Pelt took the stage next with Will you still love me tomorrow, and she was not your typical wedding singer. Erika, who looked like she is a lot of fun, pulled off the song perfectly and won over the judges. Shane Bruce, a coal miner was up next and he took on a tune from Shrek which was awful. So after the first bad audition, we saw several more no’s issued before the final Pittsburgh audition. Hallie Day, a recovering addict, who had attempted suicide was up next and she shared the story of how love saved her. Hallie had chosen the perfect song for herself in I Will Survive, but could she pull it off? She was amazing, and she earned the final golden ticket in Pittsburgh.

Overall, there were 37 contestants sent through to Hollywood from the Pittsburgh auditions! Be sure to tune in Sunday after the game for more auditions on American Idol on Fox!

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