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Jersey Shore Recap: It’s A Birthday Situation

January 19, 2012 09:40 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Jersey Shore, Pauly D overdid it at the tanning bed and burned his face off, but that pain was nothing compared to what Vinny was going through. Not just missing his family, Vinny was suffering from clinical anxiety and decided he couldn’t stay in MTV‘s Jersey Shore house any longer. Keep reading to see how the others react to that news, who’s celebrating birthdays, and which cast member does the dip this week…

This week’s episode opens with sappy music and Pauly D watching Vinny get into the cab and leave the Jersey Shore house. Pauly D heads down to the club to tell the others the bad news. Deena cries. JWoww says she overreacts about everything. Snooki drunkenly tells Jionni she just loves Vinny as a really good friend and roommate (right).  Pauly D picks up a girl to ‘get it in’ for his friend, Vinny. The Situation brings home a grenade.

At home, Vinny’s mother embraces him. He tells her he had to come home because he had too much anxiety over there – it was too much.

The next day, Mike floats a plan to celebrate his and Pauly’s birthdays later. Deena and Snooki head out for a meatball day. They run into Deena’s sister on the boardwalk and get drunk with a gay man. Deena extolls the virtues of hanging with gay men. Eventually, Snooki is so whaled she can’t walk. Two guys help her up the sidewalk. She’s a mess.

They wind up at Aztec and decide to show some ’12 year-old’ guys how to fist pump and dance. They grind each other until they end up on the floor.  They stagger home and the guys are delighted when Deena straggles past with her ass showing out the back of her dress. They heckle, “Which corner were you working?” In the bedroom, Deena has a crisis with her extensions and may have to cut off her hair.

Next shift! They all head out for the birthday celebration. Pauly finds a DTF tattoo chick and takes her home to smash her in honor of Vinny. The Unit is in the club. Snooki, who is with Jionni, is wary. Mike says he and Unit are going to play a little game called Gym, Tan, The Truth Will Set You Free. They don’t quite get around to it. The Unit gets in a fight and is thrown out. Even Mike can’t get the bouncer to let him back in.

At the house, Pauly D has smushed the tattoo chick and calls her a cab, pranking the dispatcher lady who answers. Ronnie and the girls get on the duck phone with Vinny to check in. Pauly gets on to tell him he smushed a girl in his honor.  Snooki talks too. She goes to tell JWoww he’s not coming back anytime soon.

Mike drags his tired butt to the store the next morning. He perks up when he meets a cutie from Bosnia wearing The Situation shorts. She tells him she wants a grilled cheese in the morning.

That night at Aztec, Mike sees the girl from the t-shirt shop, but passes her off to Pauly because his main squeeze, Paula, is there.  Deena picks up a guy named Joey and announces to an unimpressed JWoww that he’s coming home with her. Pauly leaves with the Bosnian chick.

At the house, the Bosnian chick only wants to talk with Pauly – he calls her a cab, saying it should be against the law for someone to come to his house and want to talk at four in the morning. Sammi chats with Paula in the kitchen – she thinks deep down Mike really likes Paula. Suddenly, the Bosnian chick returns – she wants Mike. On the patio, he tells her Paula’s in the shower and sends her on her way. Mike says Paula’s like AAA – you call her, she’s there.

The next morning, Pauly’s feeling a little blue about having his birthday without Vinny, but his family shows up at the door as a surprise – his mom even brings his barber to cut his hair! Pauly is beaming as Pauly’s mom shares about him putting glue in his hair. Pauly declares himself FTD – Fresh To Death – after his cut. They all go out for dinner, but Mike feels all the focus is on Pauly and dips out. They hear snoring – Mike’s asleep on the restaurant’s couch.  They prank him with icing on his face.

Snooki and Deena are working at the shop and planning a birthday party for the boys complete with strippers. Sammi meets them and is highly amused by their efforts to figure out how to get strippers.

Once everyone’s back at the house, Mike continues to pout when he sees the girls made a cake for Pauly.  Snooki says that’s what he gets for being a douchebag.  There’s an awkward birthday conversation between Mike and Pauly.  Pauly says Mike’s been crazy weird since Italy. On the patio, Mike cries that no one cares and he’s always seen as the bad guy. He does the dip again. When everyone notices that he’s gone, Deena quips,  “And we’re down to six. Droppin’ like flies.”

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3 Responses to “Jersey Shore Recap: It’s A Birthday Situation”

  1. Passing by Says:
    January 20th, 2012 at 4:18 am

    Mike the situation is the whole show. the rest is just dumb, stupid, boring, fakes and snakes the last 2 are Pauly and Vinny. Mike is the real dude in that show, without him it is a total boredom.

  2. jimk Says:
    January 20th, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    poor mike! you deserved better. you don’t need these clowns in your life. all they care about is themselves. you are right, you are alone in this house. you get them famous now they treat you like nobody. i feel you bro.

  3. Sammie Snore Says:
    January 26th, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    Sammie is boring, they should have her hook up with the Unit, then Ronnie can fight the Unit. If not send Sammie and Ronnie home with Vinnie


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