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The Biggest Loser’s Lauren Lee Talks About Her Elimination

January 19, 2012 03:00 PM by Lisa Princ

This week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, we lost two contestants, but Lauren Lee’s departure was not her choice, nor did she expect it. In fact, in her post elimination interview, Lauren shares her thoughts on the elimination, and reveals that she was shocked that she was chosen! Read on for more from Lauren Lee…

The Biggest Loser fans watched this week as Joe just up and left the ranch, and on the flip side, Lauren Lee, who did not intend to go this soon, was eliminated much to her surprise. In a press conference after the show, Lauren shared her thoughts with the media. Check out Lauren Lee’s interview below!

Question: Can you share with us the experience of being chosen and living at the ranch and then your thoughts about someone like Joe just walking away from it.

Lauren Lee: This whole experience is a dream to me still to today. I never would have thought that I would have been picked out of hundreds of thousands of people to be put onto the Biggest Loser and it is it’s amazing and it’s amazing journey learning everything and meeting everybody. It’s just been a whirlwind but I treasure every single moment of it. And then with Joe leaving Joe just struggled with missing his family so much he has two little ones at home and an older child as well and you could tell he was missing them that last week. And he decided to go home but that’s just what he needed to do.

Question: Can you share your thoughts on the elimination process? You looked really surprised and heart broken last night.

Lauren Lee: I was very surprised. We do get to talk before elimination and I was still shocked. It’s a game and that’s what we signed up for. So it’s just how we vote.

Question: Did Joe leaving affect you in the house and everyone else?

Lauren Lee: Yes it really did. Joe was like a big brother to me on the ranch. So I took it really hard that he left but I just took it in a different way and I went out and worked out even harder. But we were all very sad to see Joe go home.

Question: Does he still keep in touch?

Lauren Lee: Yes, I talk to Joe a lot so through emails and through text messaging and phone calls I still do keep in contact with him and it’s pretty cool to see his progress as well because he’s doing amazing at home.

Question: Can you elaborate a little bit on what went on between the weigh in and the elimination?

Lauren Lee: After the weigh-in we usually have a deliberation and we have about an hour or so to talk it all through and we all ask each other questions about the week and what happens and who we think should go home. And at the end of that I mean I fought for myself I said that I still need to be here. I worked hard so hard this week but I still only lost three pounds. I still need to figure this out. I still have lots more to learn and we all fought for each other and we didn’t really come up with who was going to go home. I was completely shocked when my name started coming out of those.

Question: How was it training with Dolvett Quince and what did you learn from him?

Lauren Lee: Dolvett is an awesome person. He believes in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. And to push me even harder and longer than I thought that I could go.  Learning from him and learning different exercises and ways to push me was just amazing. I wished that I could have learned more on the ranch but one of the things that I learned most was excuse me that you have to write everything down good or bad whatever you put in your body you have to write it down and just keep yourself accountable for what you put inside your body.

Question: What are your plans to continue your journey when you get home in terms of losing weight and improving your health?

Lauren Lee: I plan on continuing exactly what I was doing on the ranch and just keep on working out and going to the gym and eating healthy so that I can look like a true athlete on the stage at the finale.

Question: How did you feel about the other contestants pointing out your lack of children and a husband? How did you take that and how did you feel about that?

Lauren Lee: That was a good point I mean they said that I didn’t have any children or family at home to distract me but I have plenty of other distractions. I’m a recent college graduate that has student loans that I still have to pay off and figure out how to pay them without a job because the economy right now is so down that I can’t find a job out of grad school. So there’s just so many other distractions and so many other ways of being stressful but this is the season of no excuses and I had a take those and just let them go and still workout and still be strong.

Question: We’ve seen some tension this season between Bob and Dolvett. Can you tell us if that is real?

Lauren Lee: Bob and Dolvett have an interesting relationship. It’s definitely not a Bob and Jillian but, you know, I mean they’re just two trainers working out in a gym and doing what they’re to do to change our lives to give us as the contestants our lives back. I don’t see that as much as that tension in the gym as what the show has portrayed.

Question: Can you share your thoughts on Conda, who seems to be getting a little attitude?

Lauren Lee: Conda’s an awesome person. She speaks her mind and lets everybody know what she’s thinking at that time. But it’s also very stressful to live in this house or in this mansion. We started out with 18 people in the mansion. I mean it is so stressful this like those are the only people that you can interact with and tensions fly high every once in a while. And things happen and then we just it blows over and we’re fine the next day.

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