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The Biggest Loser’s Cassandra Sturos Blog: Thoughts On Week Three

January 20, 2012 06:55 AM by Cassandra Sturos

Hello loves! It’s Cassandra here from season 13 of the Biggest Loser. I hope you all tuned in to last night’s show. Face-Off week! What a week indeed! I want to let you all in on the lowdown of my experience this past week. Read on for my thoughts…

Let me introduce myself in case you aren’t familiar with me on the show yet. I am 25 years old and wanted to participate on The Biggest Loser because I have had a lifelong struggle with my weight. It had held me back long enough and as I prepared to make a big move out East to NYC to pursue my dreams of being a writer extraordinaire, I realized I had become a very large girl who had very little confidence. That’s when I decided to try out for the show. And, well, here I am! Much to my delighted shock.

I was feeling like I do every new week at the ranch—my gut churning with a mixture of pure gratitude at the enormity of being there still and pure fear thinking about how Bob would destroy me in the gym. To start the week out with a Chinese food temptation did not put me in the best head space—talk about mind torture. I obviously wanted nothing to do with that calorie-laden food, but I definitely wanted control over the game. What’s a girl to do? Well when it came right down to it, the fortune cookies were the way to go.

Are you wondering if 60 calories was worth it to gain control? Heck yes it was! That’s less calories than a medium-sized apple my friends! I also loved feeling like I stepped up to bat for my team, taking the reigns on the match-ups. And who doesn’t love a good fortune? Both of them left me feeling confident even if I was shaking in my Asics over Conda’s expert trash-talking.

But I decided to put my fear to good use, letting it fuel me in the way of competition. It was also a good lesson for me in not letting someone else get into my head and mess up what I’d come to the ranch to do—lose weight and start believing in myself. I had a very profound and powerful moment in that regard, when I had to keep lifting that ridiculously heavy bar over my head until my arms felt like oatmeal mush. Challenging myself in a way that I had never, ever challenged myself was not only good for my body it unlocked something in my mind. I could do more than I’d ever allowed myself to do. What a realization!

That was what being at the ranch was all about! During the good, bad and ugly, I was finding a me that was most definitely lost. Each week of pushing harder than I’d ever pushed and allowing myself to have a little more faith, where once there was none was propelling me in the direction of my goals. Turns out I’m on my way! If you watched last night then you know the Black Team was safe from elimination again. Be sure to tune in next week for an all new episode to see if we can pull through in the numbers again!


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