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Giuliana Rancic Reaches Out To Injured Lauren Scruggs

January 21, 2012 09:00 AM by Ashley Lee

The upcoming season of Giuliana & Bill will document Giuliana Rancic’s battle with breast cancer, but she swears that the diagnosis has changed her life. Now, she’s reaching out to fashion blogger and model Lauren Scruggs, who is currently recovering from a horrific plane propeller accident.

Rancic first heard about Lauren Scruggs’ accident in early December, while she was in recovery herself. “I remember kind of feeling sorry for her at a time when I was feeling sorry for myself,” she said. “Then as I’ve been getting stronger every day and feeling better about my situation, it puts me in a different space…I never thought I would be able to move into a good space so quickly.”

Rancic has reached out to the injured fashion blogger via Twitter, and hopes to meet her in person soon. ”[I] wanted to reach out to her and say you’re an inspiration, this is all going to make sense and I’m praying for you,” Rancic told E! News earlier this week.

“I saw that picture of her [stepping out for the first time], and it just inspired me,” she explained. “I thought, ‘Wow she looks so great. Good for her.’ She’s out and about. She’s got her baseball cap on and she looks like herself. She’s adorable. She looks like the girl that I’ve been seeing in these reports.”

Rancic reached out because she greatly relates to Scruggs’ recovery period.

“I remember when [my battle with cancer] was all first happening and I was right in the midst of it all, I thought, ‘No. This isn’t adding meaning to my life,’” she recalled. “This is adding a lot of unhappiness and anger and sadness to my life…But something in me wanted to reach out to her and just say, ‘It will all mean something soon.’ That’s how I feel now.”

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