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Mob Wives Recap: The Great Divide

January 22, 2012 07:35 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of VH-1‘s Mob Wives, with the rift between Karen Gravano and Drita D’Avanzo getting worse by the day, and showing no signs of improving (they’ve got to drag it out for at least one more season, right?), it’s now time for the rest of the Wives to choose sides. But it looks like Carla Facciolo’s mind has already been made up. Find out everything you missed in tonight’s show after the jump.
Tonight on Mob Wives, fresh out of jail, Ramona Rizzo heads to Karen Gravano’s house to talk about the horrific night that landed her behind bars. Ramona is conflicted about the boyfriend she thought was a good guy, wondering if she’s ready to get into that lifestyle and date a man with dangerous ties. Karen, having much more experience in “the field,” encourages her to stick with him, but to be smart and get a lawyer, because this won’t be the last time she spends some time in the jailhouse.

And speaking of bars…. Drita and Carla are off to see Big Ang to do a little reminiscing with “The Godmother.”

Meanwhile, after years of ups and downs, Junior is moving back in with Renee Graziano. Acknowledging that in the past she’s been a little on the controlling side, Renee says that this time, she plans on being more mellow — being “the boss” without “being bossy.” Good luck with that one!

Drita and Carla – still together – end up at yet another bar for drinks with Derek Tabacco, to try to figure out what went down on the balcony at Renee’s party. Specifically, Carla wants to know if Derek was holding her when Karen hit her. If so, Drita says that Karen wasn’t playing fair, and it was a “punk” move.

After getting settled in, Junior is immediately confronted with what it’s like to be a parent full-time. AJ is off the chain – breaking doors, lamps, etc. The root of the problem? A girl (isn’t it always?). Junior promises that he’ll deal with the situation, giving Renee a break.

Dealing with her own son, Big Ang, has lunch with her AJ and the two swap stories about their love lives.

Later, Ramona and Karen bring their kids to Renee’s house for dinner, but it’s not long before Renee has another of her infamous dinner-party “episodes.”

Karen, wanting to “get some things off her chest,” calls Carla to invite her to lunch so the two can hash things out like rational, civilized women. Riiiight! This is obviously going to go well.

After getting in her face, Karen decides that she doesn’t hate Carla. In fact, she actually respects the fact that she’s loyal. So instead of throwing down, the two actually throw back a shot, and agree to keep their problems with Drita and Ramona separate from their relationship.

Who else was shocked by that one?!

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