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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Pandora’s Wedding

January 23, 2012 08:15 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on Bravo it’s the season finale of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. The season is ending with Pandora’s extravagant wedding, which means Kevin Lee is in the house. Will the ladies behave at this event? Keep reading to find out all the details from tonight’s RHOBH!

It’s the day before Pandora’s wedding and Lisa is acting like Giggy, barking orders at the person setting up the tent.Lisa is a ball of nerves over her (Pandora’s) big day. “This has to be the best day of all of our lives,” Lisa tells the cameras. The wedding cake comes in and Bravo throws up the price tag, which is a mere $9,500.  Just a drop in the bucket when it comes to this wedding production. 

Paul is getting a colonoscopy and Adrienne has come to support him, by talking on her cell phone.  When Paul needs Adrienne’s help with inserting an enema, she draws the line.  Adrienne laughs, “I’m all for the moral support, but…Paul asking me to give him an enema?”  Thank goodness the cameras are there to capture every detail of Paul’s colonoscopy! Just what we tuned in to see – Paul’s colon!  The best part of this entirely TMI trip to the doctor’s office is Paul waking up in the recovery room.  Since Paul just had a bunch of air pumped into his colon, it all starts coming out!  Yes, even rich people fart!  “Just let it out,” the nurse tells him.  Paul definitely lets it rip and keep saying, ”oh no, the air is coming out. It’s air, it’s not gas.”  That’s Adrienne’s cue to leave as she air kisses the doctor and walks out the door.

Finally five hours before the wedding, our favorite wedding planner Kevin Lee enters the building.  Lisa runs to him and tells him she is worried about everything.  In that famous Kevin Lee voice he says, “It’s just glorious, just fabulous.  Don’t worry about it, it’s my job.”  Then there is Ken – what is his major concern?  Ken is worried about picking an outfit out for Giggy!  Yes, Giggy will be wearing a black bow tie for the wedding.  When Ken wants to read his speech he has prepared for the wedding to Lisa, she refuses to listen to him. 

Finally everyone is ready, including Giggy.  Lisa and Ken wait at the bottom of the staircase to see their daughter walk down the steps.  I have to admit, I got chills.  Pandora looks beautiful and she hugs her parents.  Lisa tells her daughter, “If Jason loves you even half as much as I do, you’re a lucky girl.” 

The guests arrive and the nighttime ceremony begins.  The flowers and yard could not look more gorgeous, it’s a pink fairytale.  ”What more could a mother ask for?” Lisa cries to the cameras when she sees Ken walk Pandora down the aisle. The ceremony ends and the party in the tent begins.  After speeches, Pandora dances with her dad and then her new husband. The night ends when the couple walks out, while all the guests hold up sparklers.  Kevin Lee threw an amazing event, of course!

Kyle is hosting a party for all the girls.  “Since Russell died the girls have not seen a lot of Taylor, it’s time for her to come back to her friends so we can support her,” Kyle tells the cameras.  All the girls are there when Taylor enters the room holding Kennedy.  The girls fill Taylor in on Pandora’s wedding, by showing her some pictures. 

Then the show reflects on where this season started and where it has ended.  The girls have come a long way this season!  Bravo shares that Taylor is working on a book and Kim is in rehab. 

What did you think of this season of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?  We know you have comments on tonight’s episode and Pandora’s wedding, so let’s hear them.

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