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It’s A Brad, Brad World Recap: Sweet Home Alabama With Billy Reid

January 24, 2012 12:34 AM by Ashley Lee

The last episode of It’s A Brad, Brad World finally brought the families of Brad Goreski and Gary Janetti together in New York City. Though tonight’s episode begins in Los Angeles and ventures to Alabama, it isn’t all happy trails for Brad and his new personal assistant. Read on for the recap as Lindsay completes her first Los Angeles assignment, Gary puts off hosting an anniversary party, Ashton Kutcher gives out fashion advice and Brad meets esteemed designer Billy Reid.

Get ready for some stress: Brad’s new personal assistant, Lindsay, needs to complete her first assignment and find Brad a real office space. One where clients can actually feel comfortable trying on designer gowns; one that isn’t Brad and Gary’s garage! Lindsay drives Brad around (very badly, by the way) to see a few potential spaces, but all they seem to visit are store fronts on the street…including a place that used to be a medical marijuana shop. It’s not looking so good for Lindsay.

Thankfully, their second day touring LA spaces is successful; after finally viewing a few actual office spaces, Lindsay finds the perfect one in a Hollywood high-rise…guess she’ll be keeping her job! For now, at least…not that Brad’s even figured out a way to pay her yet, anyways.

At home, Brad and Gary argue about where to host their 10-year anniversary party: Brad wants to keep it personal and host it at their Hollywood home while Gary wants to rent an event space in Malibu. He’s sick of all the work it takes to house the actual party. “Your behavior is kind of ugly [right now],” says Gary while arguing. “You don’t do most of the stuff, I do. I don’t enjoy it anymore.”

Brad confesses to the cameras,“Our relationship is shifting and I think it’s causing a little bit of tensions between the two of us.” After Brad briefly scolds one of the dogs in the middle of the fight, Gary compliments Brad on his sweater and breaks the tension. So that’s the secret to keeping the peace!

While visiting client Demi Moore, Brad dishes out fashion advice online at Fashism with Ashton Kutcher (yeah, the season was filmed while the two were still a couple). Brad and Ashton keep butting heads on their tastes, but Brad is still respectful. “I think Ashton has fantastic style,” says Brad. “He used to be a model; he gets it!”

And finally, Brad and Lindsay head to Alabama for designer Billy Reid’s huge industry party. They visit his shop during the day: “It’s like a ghost town here on the streets, but then when I open up the doors to the Billy Reid store, it’s as if I’ve landed in, like, a fashion planet,” says Brad. “It’ s a very bizarre thing; it’s as if everything happens in this store, and only in this store.”

Billy Reid’s aesthetic is pretty Americana, filled with tweed, linen and cotton, “but still with a hint of sex,” observes Brad. “It’s kind of like dressing like a sexy pioneer.” Brad is pretty much eyeing every single Billy Reid piece for either Jessica Alba and Demi Moore. The two also go crazy while visiting a general store, which is apparently a new experience for them. “There was nothing in that store I didn’t want to try on,” says Brad. Overalls, acid-wash trench coats, neon felt hats…ring it up!

Just before going to Billy Reid’s barbecue party, Brad advises Lindsay, “Don’t eat too much, especially around fashion people. Just move sh-t around on your plate.” However, once there, Brad and Lindsay oogle over collared greens, mac ‘n’ cheese, pulled pork ribs, fried chicken, corn bread and baked beans. Plus, it’s incredibly hot in the South on this particular evening, and that’s all Brad can talk about! “The only thing that is registering in my brain is how boiling it is, how much I’m sweating and how my sweat probably smells like ribs.”

Director Jake Davis has been making short videos of fashion industry people throughout the weekend, and asked Brad to appear lakeside. Yet after shooting Brad’s footage, he also asks Lindsay to be in the shoot as well. In just a bikini and a sailor hat. Isn’t that a little unprofessional, especially after only working with Brad for a week?

Eventually, Brad and Lindsay make up, thanks to a little bit of well deserved teasing. “Bye Alabama!” says Brad. “Thanks for turning my assistant into a huge slut!”

Did you watch tonight’s episode of It’s A Brad, Brad World?

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