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Tabatha Takes Over Recap: Boughetto Fabulous

January 24, 2012 10:03 PM by Shayla Perry

She’s tough, she’s talented, and she’s taking over. And this time Tabatha Coffey is headed to Cherry Hill, New Jersey to help Aisha McKenzie revive her salon, Beyond Hair. What did you miss in tonight’s all new episode of Tabatha Takes Over on Bravo? Find out after the jump.

This week on Tabatha Takes Over, Aisha McKenzie is the owner of Beyond Hair salon in Cherry Hill, NJ, a suburb of Philadelphia. Her dream has always been to run an upscale, multicultural establishment, but her unprofessional (and that’s putting it mildly) staff is standing in her way of making that dream a reality; keeping Beyond Hair more boughetto than anything else.

So, Tabatha to the rescue.

During the “Undercover,” Tabatha gets a sense of what Aisha’s been dealing with….

Valerie, the receptionist, who spends most of her time on her cell taking personal calls. Monica, a stylist, who’s constantly engaging in screaming matches – in front of clients – with Aisha. And a salon manager, who doesn’t know how to manage.

The staff is bad enough, but at the root of the problem is Aisha’s management style. She admits that between the financial strain and the stress of recently losing her mother to breast cancer, she’s a little detached, but is eager to see Beyond Hair become the high-end salon she’s always envisioned.

With the staff laughing, cheering, and throwing money at a co-worker while she dances in the middle of the salon as Tabatha and Aisha walk in to start the process, we can only imagine that this is going to be one interesting take over!

At the staff meeting, Tabatha questions the employees about what they think the Beyond brand is and their view of Aisha as a boss. The staff didn’t have great things to say about either, but acknowledge that since Aisha’s mother’s passing, she hasn’t taken a single day off to grieve, which obviously is coming across in her managerial style.

But despite the changes that Aisha needs to make, is the staff able to project the upscale image of the new Beyond brand? For that, Tabatha must first assess their skills.

Although she was anxious for Tabatha to help her, it seems that Aisha is more resistant to her advice than any of her staff members.

Realizing that her words are falling on deaf ears, Tabatha gets a little help from some friends — well, friends of Aisha’s, who used to be clients at Beyond Hair. After explaining to her the reasons they stopped coming to the salon, they point out that the problems at Beyond Hair began when Aisha’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Agreeing that she has a lot of personal struggles to overcome, Aisha says that she’s eager to make the changes she needs for herself and her salon.

To get her started, Tabatha takes Aisha to a support group for cancer survivors, and has her start planning an event for them. Later, Aisha and her employees release pink balloons with empowering messages written on them along with the cancer survivors, who offer their own encouraging words for Aisha.

Inspired, Aisha addresses her staff, letting them know that she appreciates their work and is ready to move forward to make a better Beyond Hair salon.

Three days later, Tabatha and her team have transformed Beyond Hair, taking it to the next level, but will the staff follow suit?

It doesn’t look like it.

Immediately, one staff member starts the day by requesting time off, and Valerie is already changing her shoes. Aisha, however, is a totally changed person, and everyone notices.

For her final recommendation, Tabatha suggests that Aisha let her salon manager manage more, and asks that she seriously re-evaluate some of her staff members and their commitment to the Beyond brand.

Six weeks after Tabatha Coffey’s takeover, she returns to Beyond Hair to see how things are going. According to the staff, everyone is loving the changes – including the customers – and those who didn’t (um– Valerie), were shown the door.

Another successful takeover!

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One Response to “Tabatha Takes Over Recap: Boughetto Fabulous”

  1. stewie Says:
    January 25th, 2012 at 9:54 am

    I was amazed at how Aiesha changed for the better. She’s not putting up with the kind of things Valerie pulled with her shoes and cell phone yet she’s not the tyrant that she once was. She’s managing it better and the way she should be.

    I’m glad Valerie was shown the door. There’s no excuse for talking on a cell phone while clients are waiting to be booked. And there are worse things in life than shoes that are “uncomfortable.”

    Aiesha should make her salon a success and dedicate that success to her late mother who now is no doubt smiling down on her.


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