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The Biggest Loser Recap: You Got A Problem With That?

January 24, 2012 07:38 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, we watched the teams have a face off at the weigh in, while tension built up between Condra Britt and Cassandra Sturos. This week, in a condensed episode, both trainers struggled with some of their contestants. Which trainer and team would come out on top? Read on for all the highlights of tonight’s episode!

The Biggest Loser kicked off week as Alison Sweeney announced that Buddy would not be on the ranch this week, as his wife was about to give birth to their baby, but he would be back for the weigh in. Then she put the contestants right into a challenge, as the episode was only one hour long, thanks to President Obama.

This challenge was a battering ram challenge, where the contestants had to push the battering ram through one of two doors based on an answer to a nutrition related question. If they got it right, it was smooth sailing, but if they got it wrong, they were stuck pushing through some mud. The black team was pushing the mud for most of the challenge, while the red team did not miss many questions. The red team definitely took the win due their correctly answered questions, but when Roy got a little too happy, the black team seemed angry with him. What did the red team win for their prize? Exclusive rights to the gym for the week!

While Dolvett Quince and his red team celebrated their gym use, the black team seemed to be falling apart at the seams. Chris took some of the reaction to Roy’s excitement to heart and locked herself in the bathroom while she balled her eyes out! With Bob Harper by her side, and Roy’s help, Chris finally came out and talked over her fears of doing it alone, and being separated from Roy – it was an awakening for her to admit this. Later, Bob struggled with Gail, who always seems full of excuses, and she broke down in tears this week also – poor Bob! Bob could see right through her though, and although he didn’t say it in so many words, we get the idea that he is sick of her cry baby ways.

But Bob Harper was not the only trainer who struggled with the contestants tonight – Dolvett had to deal with a battle of his own, with none other than Conda. Conda, who was still giving an attitude after last week, was flat out disrespectful to Dolvett, even telling him that she hated him. Dolvett finally had enough of her attitude and eye-rolling, and kicked her out of the gym. Just as the producer of The Biggest Loser tried to talk to Conda, she and Dolvett worked things out. Then Dolvett took a trip to see the Aqua team and follow up on their progress. They both looked good, and they seem ready for next week’s weigh in, and we can’t wait to see how they did at home!

After a rough week for both teams, how did they do at the weigh in? Here is how they fared:

Bob Harper’s Black Team

from 302 lbs to 297 lbs (-5)

from 332 lbs to 320 lbs (-12)

from 240 lbs to 238 lbs (-2)

from 222 lbs to 215 (-7)

from 358 lbs to 347 (-11)

from 342 lbs to 334 lbs (-8)

from 244 lbs to 235 lbs (-9)

from 212 lbs to 206 lbs (-6)

*Total team loss of 52 lbs and 2.62%

Dolvett Quince’s Red Team

Roy aka Santa
from 278 lbs to 272 lbs (-6)

from 275 lbs to 265 lbs (-10)

from 345 lbs to 338 (-7)

from 203 lbs to 197 lbs (-6)

from 266 lbs to 255 lbs (-11)

from 205 lbs to 200 lbs (-5)

from 230 lbs to 220 lbs (-10)

from 363 lbs to 353 (-10)
* Total team loss of 58 lbs and 3.19%

This meant that Dolvett’s red team won the weigh in, leaving Bob Harper very disappointed – is anyone else loving the rivalry between Dolvett Quince and Bob this season? At the elimination table, it was no shock that there were votes for both Gail and Chris. It was actually split down the middle and it came down to Emily, who broke down in tears at the table. Emily’s vote sent Gail home, but Gail appears to be more serious at home, and she is thrilled that she gets to do this journey with Lauren, who was eliminated last week.

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