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American Idol Recap: Colorado Auditions

January 25, 2012 07:09 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on American Idol on FOX, host Ryan Seacrest and judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler hit the mountains of Colorado. Tyler jokes that the altitude is bothering him and asks for an ‘Aspen’.  The first contestant, however, is a music teacher from Virginia. Read on for the American Idol audition highlights…

Jenni Shick is the music teacher from Virgina. She sings Heartbreaker by Pat Benetar and does a bang-up job of it. All three American Idol judges make impressed faces. Jenni not only gets a golden ticket, but a kiss on the lips from Tyler. Cue screaming.

Curtis Gray, from Florida, has been playing music since he was a ‘young buck’.  He has a great voice and gets an immediate ‘yes’ from all three judges. He’s followed by a young man with a low country voice reminiscent of Scotty McCreery, and two male R&B-types – they all get put through to Hollywood – the guys are on a roll!

Another memorable contestant is Tealana, who feels she’s been living in the shadow of her talented twin sister her whole life. She sings a Melissa Etheridge tune and it’s a train wreck. Her story really made you want her to succeed, but, no, she’s not going through.

Next up, we see if log-cabin dweller, Haley Smith, will join tent-dweller, Amy Brumfield from the Savannah auditions, in Hollywood. She sings a Chaka Khan tune that really gets the judges excited. Steven goes so far as to say he’s honored to hear her voice – it’s three ‘yes’s – another nature girl lands a golden ticket.

Loreena Snare is a bartender at an area restaurant known for selling Rocky Mountain oysters (bull testes). Once the judges have digested that bit of trivia, she sings Jolene by Dolly Parton. Randy channels Simon Cowell and flat-out tells her it was terrible. Jennifer and Steven agree. It’s a no go.

Shelby Tweten is bi-polar and has struggled with depression. It turns out she has a beautiful voice with a delicious rasp to it. The judges keep talking about her voice even after she leaves to celebrate going through with her mom.

There’s a cringe-worthy montage of disastrous auditions before Jairon Jackson comes in to sing a song he wrote himself. Jairon impresses the judges – Randy says he’s ready for the charts. Remember Jairon – he’s off to Hollywood.

Lady Gaga wannabe, Angie Zeiderman, takes her shot in front of the judges. Angie sings an eye-opening show tune complete with odd dance moves. Conflict ensues. Randy’s turned off by the show tune and bickers with JLo. Angie bursts into Blue Bayou and changes Randy’s mind.  She gets three ‘yes’s!

Destined to become the latest American Idol ‘character’ is Magic Cyclops. He’s from Iowa, has a British accent a la Russell Brand, owes a lot of gambling debts, dresses like a hippy, and favors air guitar.  He offers the judges a choice between Neil Diamond or Jimmy Buffet.  He ends up singing both – it’s the roughest version of Margaritaville I’ve ever heard. The judges feel the same way apparently – they all walk out, leaving a bewildered Cyclops asking what just happened.

The next round of auditions are in Texas tomorrow night!

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