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Face Off Recap: Getting Naked

January 25, 2012 10:21 PM by Ryan Haidet

Hopefully your kids were in bed before tonight’s episode of Face Off began because there was nudity all over the place.  So much nudity that the censors didn’t even bother blurring out any bare butts.  None of ‘em.  The reason for all the naked flesh?  Artwork, duh!  Just like we saw last season, the remaining contestants on SyFy‘s enormously successful reality show had to paint on the bodies of fully nude models.  If all the nakedness wasn’t enough for the episode, one of the nude dudes found himself passed out on the floor and medically evacuated.  We’ve got all the details from this crazy episode — including pictures of the finished artwork.  So if you don’t want to see any bare butts, turn back now!  If it doesn’t offend you at all, then what are you waiting for?!?!  Read on for all the naked goodness!

The episode kicked off with a cool Foundation Challenge, which is essentially an Immunity challenge.  The contestants were divided into four teams of three and tasked with working on a makeup together one at a time for 15 minutes each.  The motivation of their makeups had to come from the freakish contact lenses their models were wearing.

When all was said and done, Beki, my personal favorite this season, was victorious for leading her team in creating an amazing amazing alien.  With that, she was safe from elimination after the next challenge.

Let’s Get Naked

The episode took a fast turn to the main challenge — body painting on fully nude models.  Musician Asher Roth was oddly included as the motivation and fourth judge for this challenge.  The contestants had to use his upcoming album title — “Is This Too Orange” — and create a potential cover using a pair of nude models and a unique backdrop.  Everybody was randomly divided into teams of two and then selected to choose which backdrop they wanted.  An added twist to the bare battle?  One of the nude models had to blend in with the background, while the other had to be a visible character in the piece.  Each person on the team could only paint one of the nude models throughout the entire project.

Blurs, Butts & Paramedics

As the challenge kicked off, the models removed their robes and the artists started painting.  I have to admit, I was actually very shocked to see how much actual nudity SyFy let on the air.  There were butts — male and female — all over the place.  Although none of the frontal lowers were on display, they didn’t try to cover up the womens’ breasts much.  In several instances, if the model had enough paint to cover her boobs, that was good enough.  So if you have a teenage son at home who DVR’d this show, he’s gonna get a semi-clear view at naked female nipples.  Who needs National Geographic these days?  On a serious note, if this show repeats during early afternoon hours, I expect the censorship to be much more widespread.  So if the nudity is a concern of yours, check the listings to see when the show will be airing earlier in the day.

The wildest thing that happened during the challenge came when Brea’s male model started getting lightheaded.  He sat down, took a drink of juice and quickly found himself on the floor.  After giving him oxygen, paramedics put the guy on a gurney and took him to the hospital.  I wonder what those docs were thinking when a half-painted naked dude showed up in the hospital!

This put Brea at a major disadvantage because she had to start all over with a new male model.  Producers did allow her a fresh six hours to complete her work, but that made for a very long day.

Finished Products

Unlike the two previous challenges this season, the models themselves weren’t displayed to the judges for the critiques.  Instead, a photographer came in and took pictures of all the finished work.  Those images were then used to show the judges for the elimination ceremony.

Since this is such an extremely visual show, instead of me trying to explain in words what the artwork looked like, I’ll let the final products speak for themselves.

Team: Tara painted the female, Jerry painted the male.

Team: Beki painted the male, Rayce painted the female.

Team: Miranda painted the male, Ian painted the female.

Team: Heather painted the male, Sue painted the female.

Team: RJ painted the male, Athena painted the female.

Team: Brea painted the male, Matt painted the female.

When the judges made their selections, they chose Brea/Matt as the winning team with Beki/Rayce coming in second.  As far as the best of the best, the judges selected Matt for his amazing blending of the sneakers with the female model.  Plus, they really liked the added effect of using her booty as a basketball.  Notice how one of the ball’s lines is her butt crack?  Classy.

Anyway…  The worst teams according to the judges were Ian/Miranda and Jerry/Tara.  Ultimately, they gave Miranda the boot for her poor paint job on the male model.  “I’m frustrated that I didn’t showcase what I’m capable of,” she said as she walked out of the competition.  Miranda is the third contestants (first woman) to be eliminated this season following Greg and Nix’s footsteps.

What did you think of the episode?  Were you surprised by all of the uncensored nakedness?  Were you offended?  Which team’s painting do you think was the best?  Do you think Miranda deserved to go home?  Sound off and leave a comment below!  But please, keep your clothes on!  We’ve had enough naked bodies for the night.

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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  1. Jim Bo Says:
    January 23rd, 2013 at 6:57 am

    Lame that all the women had to face away from the camera and only get their backs painted. People are afraid of boobs.


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