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Jersey Shore Recap: Ass Cake and Handcuffs

January 26, 2012 09:17 PM by Candace Young

Last week on MTV, the Jersey Shore cast celebrated the birthdays of Pauly D and Mike ‘The Situation’. Okay, mostly Pauly D’s, which left Mike in a pretty bad mood. In fact, he did the dip and disappeared from the house in Seaside Heights at the end of the episode. Will Mike return? Will we get an update on Vinny, whose anxiety sent him home previously? Keep reading for all the highlights…

The episode kicks off with the gang getting a visit from a very crusty Danny who is pissed that he’s down to only 6 employees at the t-shirt shop. Mike shows up after and JWoww tells him they might be getting new roommates in the Jersey Shore house.

Out on the patio, Mike tells the girls his birthday was a very bad day for him, that’s why he took off. They tell him not to do it again.

Snooki, Deena, and Pauly D head off to work at the t-shirt shop the next day. They decide to work hard for Danny because they don’t want a new roommate. Pauly is impressed with the Meatballs’ dedication to the job.

After work, Deena calls Vinny and asks if he’s coming to the surprise party. He says he’s not. She tells him Danny is looking for new people for the house. Sammi gets on and he tells her he’s not coming as well, before signing off.

Snooki, Deena, Sammi, and JWoww go to Karma to decorate for the surprise birthday party for Mike and Pauly. They tell the creepy man in charge of the strippers that they plan to handcuff the boys to wheelchairs.

JWoww heads to work where Danny grills her. Ronnie and Mike are late, and Jenni keeps quiet. After the guys show up a cute 22 year-old girl comes in looking for work. They all stop and pay attention because she could end up being their new roommate. Ronnie says she’s cute but hates her Michael Jackson hat. JWoww goes out front and rips down the help wanted sign. None of them are happy about the possibility of having to deal with a new roommate after all they’ve been through together – can’t blame them! Jenni tells Ronnie that Vinny isn’t coming back even for the party.

In a novelty store, the meatballs wear giant bunny heads, simulate bunny sex, and decide to buy the costumes along with their other party goods.

Back at the house, everyone gets ready to head to Karma. Ronnie’s delighted that Pauly and Mike have no idea that they’re in for a surprise party.

At Karma, both Pauly and Mike are genuinely stunned, and walk around chatting to their guests and checking out their ass cake. Mike is happy – a complete turnaround from last week. Soon, Pauly and Mike are cuffed to their wheelchairs. Mike is paranoid that an ugly girl’s going to jump out of a cake or someone’s going to appear with a whip!

He’s partially right – the strippers jump out of cakes, but they’re not ugly – it’s a nightmare turned to a dream for Mike. Pauly’s having the best night of his life. He meets a girl to bring home, and Mike picks up one of the strippers.

Deena and Ronnie stay up after everyone else has gone to bed. They phone Vinny and get no answer. Ronnie cries – he misses Vinny.

The next morning, Mike sees the stripper off, and Deena calls up Ronnie’s friend, Joey, and invites him to join her for ‘couples night’. She’s so thrilled when he says he will, it’s really sweet! Meanwhile. Snooki puts on her bunny costume and scares the crap out of Jenni. After, Gionni shows up with long-stemmed roses (which are, like, expensive), and earns a trip to the smush room.

Couples night begins. Mike has invited Paula, and calls the cabs to take them to Bamboo. They’re hardly there any time when two chicks are fighting on the floor – Pauly’s shocked to see it’s Sammi! Outside, she tells Ronnie that some chick pulled her new weave so she threw her drink!

At home later, Deena tries to ‘do sex’ with her date, Joey, but her alarm clock keeps going off – even after she yanks the cord out of the wall – hilarious!

Mike sees Paula off in the morning, noting that he hasn’t found a single thing wrong with her yet! Snooki gives Paula the thumbs up.  The Jersey Shore gang find themselves in a slump and decide to go to Staten Island to kidnap Vinny. Danny helps Pauly make ‘Vinny’ shirts for them to wear.

After the drama of the undertaking, it’s a letdown when no one appears to be home at Vinny’s house. When they manage to get inside, they discover Vinny in an upstairs bedroom and mob him. Vinny shows off a new chest tattoo that reads, “Let Go, Let God.”

Ma doesn’t want Vinny to leave, but she kisses him and he heads back to Jersey Shore.

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