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Project Runway All Stars: Gelato Gowns For Diane Von Furstenberg And Miranda Kerr In 6 Hours

January 26, 2012 11:58 PM by Ashley Lee

Last week, the Project Runway All Stars designed cocktail dresses for Miss Piggy over a span of two days. Tonight, the remaining ten contestants were forced to put out their best work for Diane Von Furstenberg and Miranda Kerr in only six hours—the fastest challenge in the show’s history! However, is this challenge about who is truly the best designer or who is the quickest seamstress? Read on to find out who’s in and who’s now out of the Lifetime fashion competition.

The challenge: create a tasteful outfit inspired by…a gelato flavor! Each designer picks a flavor from the menu and receives both a serving of the gelato and a swatch for color reference. However, they chose the flavor based on the name only, not the color of the actual gelato: milk and sour cherries, fruits of the forest, vanilla madagascar, chocolate with cayenne pepper? Michael’s grapefruit gelato color is moot like Anthony’s green tea gelato. Great.

Diane Von Furstenberg steps out onto the runway as the first guest judge, and Michael is practically hyperventilating and crying from excitement. ”You’ll only have six hours, so it’s all about how quickly you can realize something and how you are inspired by it,” says DVF. “Go for it!”

The clock is officially ticking: after the designers sketch for thirty minutes, they step into the designer lounge, which has now been converted into a miniature version of mood! Yet filled with tons of bright fabrics, April can’t find any black jersey and has to change her design on the fly; Mondo barely buys enough fabric in the short amount of shopping time.

Less time means more stress in the workroom: Michael somehow cuts his dress eight inches shorter on one side, Austin’s bobbin breaks in the sewing room. Anthony says it all in a phrase: “Damn, I wish I had a cocktail right now!”

Joanna Coles comes in for a quick consultation during the quick challenge, complete with a serving of their gelato flavor as a well deserved refreshment. She points out April’s sloppy hem job and asks her to push the boundaries on the design; however, April says she just wants to stay in her comfort zone. But it’s not that comfortable: April discovers her dress is too small when on her model and doesn’t have enough fabric elongate the outfit!

The runway show is judged by five this week: Miranda Kerr and DVF join Angela Lindvall, Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman. The prize? Miranda Kerr will wear the winning look to an industry event!

During the runway show, DVF gives Jerell a thumbs-up from the other side of the runway, and Rami’s kiwi outfit seriously needs to be at the top. Thankfully, Mondo’s at the top! DVF and Miranda absolute love it, but Isaac doesn’t: “I didn’t find it sexy, she’s covered from head to toe,” he says. He also commented that he didn’t like the bright orange color…even though he’s wearing that color shirt!

Also at the top? Mila’s color-blocked outfit inspired by the milk and sour cherries flavor.  ”I think this says cherry ice cream so much, so clearly,” says Isaac. And though the judges like it, they can’t stand the styling and have problems with the execution. DVF notes, “It kind of looks like it was done in little time, that is my problem.”

And somehow, the third designer at the top is Michael, yet again. ”I wanted to do something beautiful because, Diane, I have to tell you, you’re one of my big idols,” he explains. None of the judges get ‘grapefruit’ from his choice of color or fabric. However, Miranda comments that the model “looks like a goddess” and DVF pays the ultimate compliment: “It’s draped beautifully, it’s very fluid…Michael, you gotta call me after the show!” For some reason, his oversized bedroom robe wins the six-hour challenge! I honestly don’t understand how that beat out Mondo’s cantaloupe calftan. Thank goodness Miranda Kerr is a Victoria’s Secret model, because she’ll practically be wearing pajamas to that event.

At the bottom of the pack is Kara’s ruffled dress, inspired by the chocolate and cayenne pepper flavor. However, her color palette is dull and the literally interpreted ruffles are unflattering…or, better yet, targeting a pregnant demographic? It has Isaac asking, “Really, after a while, is she an all star?”

Anthony’s green tea outfit was too ambitious for the judges; DVF comments that “it’s gotta be perfect or else it looks amateur.” However, the one sent home at the end of the episode was April! Georgina calls the outfit unfocused and Isaac says it’s scary; all the judges agree that both the styling and execution of this outfit is bad, eliminating her from the All Stars season and sending her home.

April takes it well though. “I’m not gonna, like, give up, I have a degree in this. I’m gonna work really hard, I’m 22,Ii have a lot of time,” she says. “Going forward, I’m going to expand my brand and keep doing what I love to do.”

Who do you think should have won or lost on tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars?

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  1. stewie Says:
    January 27th, 2012 at 8:33 am

    Now that April’s gone home Michael won’t have to worry about her copying his outfits or colors. I think now that Michael’s won 2 challenges in a row, he’s one of the favorites to win it all.


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