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Seal Discusses Split From Heidi Klum: “I Love Her With All My Heart”

January 26, 2012 09:00 AM by Ashley Lee

It’s still unbelievable to think that Heidi Klum and Seal are actually splitting up. Through there is a prenuptial agreement, no one saw divorce on the horizon for the couple and many are still hoping that the two will reconcile. Including Seal himself? The singer opened up to Piers Morgan about why he still wears his wedding ring and how he truly feels about the Project Runway host.

“My love for her has not waned one iota,” he said on Piers Morgan Tonight. “I love her with all my heart. How can you not love somebody that you’ve spent eight years with?”

He defended himself against rumors that he’s still wearing his wedding ring just for show.

“I’m still wearing my wedding ring because I’m still married to this incredible woman,” he explained. “I’ll tell you what this stands for, over the past eight years, is respect. It stands for loyalty, it stands for incredible memories, and it stands for these four little miracles – and Heidi, making five – that have come into my life, and you don’t all of a sudden, from one day to the next, just say ‘I hate…’ unless you are those type of people. You don’t just say ‘I hate’ and take off your wedding ring.”

Seal stated that he isn’t ruling out reconciliation as an option.

“It may happen, I can’t speak for her,” he said. “Is it irreparable? You can never say never. I’m not gonna sit here and BS you and tell you we haven’t had problems. Of course we have problems, otherwise why would we be splitting up? This isn’t a charade. We have problems, we have issues. To our credit, we’ve always been able to talk about them…to confront each other. To assume that any couple goes without arguing or having a difference of opinion is just nonsense.”

He reflected that his relationship with Heidi Klum has always been one of honesty.

“The thing that I love most about us is that we are a team,” he elaborated. “Can I look at you and say, are you good?…And if she can look at me back and say, yes, I am good, that’s what we’ve always, always been able to do. That won’t change, whether we get back together or not.”

Piers Morgan put the singer on the spot and asked him if he wanted to repair his marriage with Heidi.

“I don’t know at this point, to be honest,” he answered. “If it were that easy – if there weren’t problems, we’d still be together. That is the reality.”

Do you think Heidi Klum and Seal will get back together?

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