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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Blasts From the Past

January 27, 2012 07:33 PM by Shayla Perry

Get ready for a blast from the past when Chef Gordon Ramsay returns to check in on some of the train wrecks restaurants he’s rescued in past seasons, tonight on FOX‘s Kitchen Nightmares. (Yup, we’re lookin’ at you Spanish Pavillion!) So have the owners and their staff members changed their ways for the better, or will Chef Ramsay have to drop a few F-bombs to get them back on track? We’re guessing the latter, but find out for yourself after the jump.

This week on an all new episode of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX, Chef Gordon Ramsay is heading back to some familiar haunts as he checks in on restaurants from seasons past – La Frite, Kingston Cafe, and Spanish Pavillion, and the Capri.

First up, the Spanish Pavillion….

Ahh, the Spanish Pavillion. Remember the fighting brothers, the pigeon in the kitchen, and the dead lobster in the tank?! Somehow, Chef Ramsay managed to turn things around, making it the “best Spanish restaurant” in the area. But how are things now?

Chef Ramsay sneaks back in to the Spanish Pavillion storage area and is pleasantly surprised to find it CLEAN, organized, and sans pigeons. That’s a promising start!

But things are a little different in the kitchen. Brother Mike is no longer employed at the restaurant, but is now enrolled in a management program at a chain establishment. No worries though, his brother, Jerry, says that he’s always welcome back.

As for the lobster, they’re all alive and well in the tank, and the restaurant is buzzing with happy customers; including Chef Ramsay, who’s thoroughly enjoying his paella.

The only sad news is that Jerry’s grandfather, the patriarch of the family, has passed away. Chef Ramsay is certain that Jerry is making his grandfather proud, though, and doing well to protect the family legacy.

Now, on to Pasadena, Calif. to revisit the Kingston Cafe with their dry jerk chicken and rice in plastic bags.

Upon his return, Chef Ramsay sees Dr. Morris, the owner, and learns that her son is no longer working with her. He’s instead focusing on his education. But he’s not the only one missing. In fact, Dr. Morris is the only staff member from the original episode that’s still there.

She says that’s a good thing though, claiming that the income is up 20%. And the food? It gets the good chef’s approval.

Two for two. So far, so good.

Will the Capri make it three for three. Um…. Do you remember the Capri and the twins?

Chef Ramsay helped twins Jim and Jeff grow up and take their business out of the ’60s and into the present with FRESH meatballs, and a good scrub. But could they keep it up?

When he arrives at the Capri, Chef Ramsay is shocked to see that not only are they open for lunch, but there are tables outside for customers to dine as well. Fortunately, business is up 20% and even better, there’s no more gum stuck under the tables.

After surprising him, Chef Ramsay has a little surprise for the twins. A rep from the Chamber of Commerce is there to award them with a certificate of appreciation for their business.

Next up, La Frite.

The brother-sister owners (under the watchful eye of their father) both say that things are going well, and everything looks great. The food is delicious, and the family is working through their issues with as little arguing as possible.

Good work Chef Ramsay!

Tell us…. What did you think of the restaurants in tonight’s episode? Were you surprised by the current condition of any of the establishments?

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One Response to “Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Blasts From the Past”

  1. stewie Says:
    January 29th, 2012 at 11:04 am

    It’s a shame Mike is no longer at Spanish Pavillion. But at least there won’t be any more pushing and shoving. Because one thing you never do is put your hands on a co-worker at ANY job. And it’s good that his mother is taking a vaction and letting her other son run the restaurant.

    I wish Dr. Morris’s son was still at Kingston Cafe but I hope it was his choice to get his education and not his mother’s choice to get him out of her restaurant.

    I’m happy the twins are doing well running Capri, they deserve to have a successful business. And La Frite is doing well too, I see.


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