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Mob Wives Recap: With Friends Like These….

January 29, 2012 08:06 PM by Shayla Perry

Who needs “archenemies”? It’s another week of drama on VH-1‘s Mob Wives as Drita D’Avanzo learns that her BFF – Carla Facciolo – has made nice with Karen Gravano, and of course, Renee Graziano is stuck in the middle of it all (but at this point, we’re thinking she likes it). Will Carla and Karen really be able to keep the peace?

This week on an all new episode of Mob Wives on VH-1, Drita D’Avanzo is busy with the final stages of her divorce from Lee, but between signing papers and packing up his belongings in white trash bags (only the finest), Drita’s also dealing with a few other personal problems.

Still seething over her rooftop spat with Karen Gravano (the first and second one — these girls should really avoid rooftops altogether), Drita is shocked to learn that her closest friend in the group, Carla, met with Karen to talk about their relationship.

Drita warns Carla to be careful, but ultimately says that she’s fine with the two speaking to one another (suuuuure she is).

According to Karen, her intentions with Carla are 100% genuine. Having to tell her daughter that she’s staying in New York while she goes to school in Arizona has put things in perspective. She can’t be bothered with petty stuff if she’s supposed to be there providing for her family. But when it comes to Drita, Karen’s not interested in making up at all.

Renee, feeling a little out of the loop since her surgery, meets with Carla and is also shocked to hear that she and Karen spoke to one another. Renee’s even more shocked to find out that Karen got in Carla’s face during their chat, and has no problem volunteering herself to talk to Karen about her actions.

When Renee meets with Karen – and Ramona Rizzo of course – they discuss the sit-down between Carla and Karen, and things get a little heated when Ramona starts talking about her feelings toward Drita. Um…they’re not good. Ramona even goes as far as to say that Drita is using her last name to pretend that she’s part of “the family,” when she’s really not (Drita’s actually Albanian, not Italian). Both Ramona and Karen also make it clear that Carla isn’t necessarily their problem because most of the things coming out of Carla’s mouth are things she’s heard from….yup, you guessed it – Drita.

Karen does admit, however, that she probably could’ve smoothed things over with Carla in a better way. Maybe NOT jumping in her face would’ve been the friendlier thing to do. So, in order to show that she’s serious about cutting out the drama, Karen decides to throw a spa party at Renee’s house. Because we all know that everything always goes well at Renee’s house, right?!

Karen calls Carla to invite her and she accepts, though she’s very hesitant to tell Drita that she’s going.

Not one to get in the middle of things (ha!) Renee later meets with Drita and Carla and tells them EVERYTHING that was said during her dinner with Karen and Ramona. Neither of the ladies seem to be very surprised by what Renee is telling them, until she asks Drita if it’s true that Ramona once said that Junior was a “loser.”

Drita reluctantly tells Renee that it’s true, which sets her off. No one talks about the father of her son that way! Now, Renee wants to hear the truth from Ramona, and she wants Drita there to back her up — at the spa party.

Doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a very relaxing occasion for anyone involved!

Do you think Renee Graziano is helping or hurting the situation between the ladies? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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One Response to “Mob Wives Recap: With Friends Like These….”

  1. Cheryl Webb Says:
    February 13th, 2012 at 10:49 am

    I do think Renee likes to keep it stirred up. If there’s no drama in which she can intervene, she is without a purpose, or so it seems. But, I really don’t think she’s a villian. The one I worry about is Karen. Without a doubt, she is the one who likes to stir things up. She puts on that icky smile but her eyes are evil. She came back to Staten Island under the guise of writing a book but meanwhile, she has caused every bit of the drama that has gone on. I can’t believe no one else seems to see this! She knows how to get on Drita’s one last nerve and she keeps prodding her until Drita breaks. I was glad Drita threw the first punch in the last fight episode. Karen deserved it. Cheryl


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