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The Bachelor Recap: Game On, Clothes Off

January 30, 2012 08:03 PM by Candace Young

Last week on The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik had an awkward date with Rachel, a great date with Jennifer, and a group fly-fishing date on which Courtney finagled a rose intended for Kacie. Later, Emily bad-mouthed Courtney to Ben, setting up a rivalry that is still alive and well this week. Keep reading for all the highlights as Ben and the girls go to Puerto Rico…

The Bachelor kicks off in Puerto Rico with Courtney telling the cameras that Emily better watch her back. Chris Harrison tells them they’ll all have dates with Ben this week – he advises them to use their time wisely.

Nicki scores the first one-on-one date – ‘Let’s find a new love in old San Juan’. They take a helicopter to the city, get treats to eat, and get soaked in a sudden downpour.  Nicki impresses me (and Ben) by kicking off her shoes and being totally fine showing off her drowned rat look. They go shopping for authentic Latin clothes – Ben winds up looking like a coffee plantation owner, but Nicki looks super cute in a little dress.

They watch a wedding once it dries up a bit, and Nicki, who’s been married before, says she wouldn’t do it again without living together first. Ben’s cool with that. Later, in the evening, Nicki talks more about her past marriage. She says it wasn’t all bad, but wasn’t meant to be. Ben gives her a rose and they make-out. Nicki seems very genuine, and Ben seems to appreciate that.

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ is the theme of the group date. Jewelry-minded bachelorettes are taken aback to find themselves at a baseball diamond. The athletic types are stoked. They play around on the field and warm-up. Chris Harrison appears and says there will be a beach party tonight, but not all of them will be invited. He explains they will be split into two teams for a baseball game – the winning team goes to the beach with Ben.

In a twist, there are nine girls, so Ben must choose a girl to play on both teams, who will automatically get to go to the beach party. Ben picks Lindzi.  Predictably, Emily and Courtney wind up on opposing teams for maximum drama. The game is intense and goes into an extra-inning tied 6-6. The red team wins. Courtney, Jamie, Kacie, Casey, and Lindzi are going to the beach party in a helicopter.

At the beach, Courtney creatively cuts down the other girls as they each take one-on-one time. Ben tells Kacie that in his past relationships, he’s always felt the other person didn’t love him back.  She gets the group date rose – take that Courtney!

Courtney appears to take it in stride, but steals Ben away and takes him to the water’s edge – she has a plan. She brings up the idea of skinny-dipping, but it doesn’t happen.

Elyse has the final one-on-one date, entitled, “Let’s find love somewhere private…” She and Ben will spend their date on a gorgeous yacht. On board, Elyse tells Ben she’s done everything she wanted to do on her own, and is ready for a relationship. She lays on the guilt, telling him she gave up her job and missed her best friend’s wedding to be on The Bachelor. She also shows a certain immaturity while trying to be clever, saying to Ben, “Let’s, like, just screw everyone else, and like, get married here…” Awkward. Ben jumps overboard – no, seriously, they go swimming.

Over dinner, Ben cuts to the chase and tells Elyse that the things he was hoping for today, he just didn’t find. Ben can’t give her the rose. I feel bad for Elyse, but totally see where he’s coming from. Elyse leaves on a boat, crying.

Back at the girls’ room, they freak out when Elyse’s luggage is picked up. Courtney wonders if Elyse drank too much and the Jersey Shore came out. She heads out to find Ben, wondering to the camera if he’s ever gone skinny-dipping with a model before – ugh. She ambushes him by the door to his room and produces wine and lotion with a trademark little mouth twist. Ben lets himself get talked into going down to the beach. Soon, they’re naked and frolicking in the surf. Courtney feels like she’s – wait for it – winning.

Cocktail Party

Ben begins the cocktail party feeling some regret about what went down with Courtney last night, because he has to stay open to the other women. Blakeley takes Ben aside and tells him she’s realized she deserves true love – no matter what happens with him – for the first time. Ben is glad, and makes out with her.

Courtney sits back and watches him interact with the other girls, feeling cocky about her little secret. She initiates a conversation with the bachelorettes about how great skinny-dipping feels and laughs at them to herself.

Emily gets time with Ben, and tells him she’s hardly thought about Courtney and wants to focus on the two of them, but then launches into a rant about Courtney. Ben encourages her to drop it and even warns her to be careful. Emily cries after that she feels like he hates her. Courtney laughs confidently, “She’s gone!”

Rose Ceremony

Nicki and Kacie have roses and are safe. Ben offers roses to Lindzi, Jamie, Rachel, Courtney, Casey, Blakeley, and Emily. Surprisingly, Jennifer is the one going home. I guess being the best kisser wasn’t enough!

Next week, Ben and his bachelorettes are going to Panama City, Panama in Central America, where something upsetting happens involving Casey…

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3 Responses to “The Bachelor Recap: Game On, Clothes Off”

  1. Baseball Fan Says:
    January 31st, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Has no one noticed that the blue team scored a run in the bottom of the 3rd (extra) inning? They won the game right there. Why did they then play a 4th and 5th inning???

  2. Sas Says:
    January 31st, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    I noticed that too. I don’t get it. Why didn’t the blue team win in the 3rd?????????????????

  3. Joe Says:
    February 6th, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Please get rid of Courtney, you need to get to know Jamie. She’s beautiful and low key. She doesn’t get into all the crap with the other women.


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