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It’s A Brad, Brad World Recap: Brad Goreski’s Broken Promises

January 31, 2012 12:03 AM by Ashley Lee

Fresh from visiting designer Billy Reid in Alabama, Brad Goreski is ready to get to work: a brand new office space, a photo shoot with DETAILS magazine, and booking a styling gig with Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell. However, Brad scrambles to plan the anniversary party with Gary, and his relationship with his father is tested by personal matters and health concerns. Read on for a full recap of tonight’s emotional episode of It’s A Brad, Brad World.

Let’s share the good news first: Brad signs the lease for his new office space in Los Angeles, and Lindsay is assigned to set up everything so that business can begin…no more fittings in Brad and Gary’s garage!

Thankfully, she has some time, as Brad heads back to New York to style a shoot for DETAILS Magazine. ”The point of this shoot is to show people how to incorporate color without…looking like me, basically.” He’s been asked to com up with about ten looks for the shoot, but as he runs his ideas by the editors, some are well-received and others aren’t as much. However, this shoot needs to go well if Brad ever wants to work with this magazine again in the future…

He’s making endless suggestions to salvage the shoot, but the energy has been zapped from the set as the editors and photographers fuss over a red coat. Thankfully, a quick switch from one model to another was the necessary move…what a close one! The rest of the shoot goes well, including a few shots with with shirtless male models (woohoo!). Plus, Brad receives the best compliment from the editor: “Come pitch some more ideas!” Brad then commits to attending men’s fashion shows in Milan, and thankfully, convinces Gary to come with as well.

On the home front, Brad and has dad haven’t been in contact for the past two years, as Brad has been focused on getting his styling career off the ground. “I got lazy the past couple of years, and I think that’s caused a rift in our relationship,” he admits. Brad is excited that his father is finally coming to visit him in Los Angeles, and has high hopes for the future between them….so why won’t he answer any of his phone calls?

Then, Brad receives a disappointing email from his father, stating that his visit has been cancelled. Brad thinks it’s because his father’s girlfriend convinced him not to come, but Gary asks him not to take it personally and tries to be the voice of reason (which is annoying in a situation like this, even though he’s probably right). Brad laments the status of his relationship with his father. ”It just makes me sad that we’ve come to this standstill. I don’t want to be one those people that says, ‘I haven’t talked to my dad in 25 years.’”

Gary and Brad meet with Steven, a party planner, to pin down the details of their ten-year anniversary party, but the two can’t seem to agree on anything. “I think we should have a big girly slumber party,” confesses Brad, while Gary is very clear about his tastes. ”I want something more chic and sophisticated,” says Gary. “I don’t think Steven is aware of how certain I am about what I want and what I don’t want, and what is not up for discussion.”

However, he only can seem to express to Steven what he doesn’t want for the party…which sounds a lot like what Brad prefers! We’ll see how the party turns out in a later episode…

Brad also books a new gig: styling actress Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars for a music video award show! He spends the day thumbing through racks of dresses to prepare for his first fitting with her while sharing some styling tips for women. “Know your body,” he advises. “If you have great legs, wear short skirts; if you have a sexy collarbone, wear strapless dresses!”

While pulling outfits from designer showrooms, he receives word from his sister that there’s been a family emergency: there was a big storm at home and his father has been injured. Even more so, he isn’t talking much, and not much information about his condition is available just yet. Brad doesn’t know if he’s even allowed to call his father, and the news starts to break Brad down. “I don’t know what I would have done if he died,” Brad cries.

Oh, and don’t think we all forgot about Lindsay’s assignment: Brad and Gary visit the new office space, and they hate Lindsay’s design taste. Hopefully, she can fix it before Brad’s first client stops in!

Did you watch tonight’s episode of It’s A Brad, Brad World?

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