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Tabatha Takes Over Recap: Little Shoppe of Errors

January 31, 2012 10:31 PM by Shayla Perry

Look out Douglasville! Tonight on Bravo‘s Tabatha Takes Over, Tabatha Coffey travels south to Georgia to help a struggling salon owner (yes, another salon) reestablish her business after her employees walk out. What did you miss?

This week on an all new episode of Tabatha Takes Over, Tabatha Coffey heads to Douglasville, GA to help shoppe owner Pat Duke get her salon back in order after dealing with years of issues with her staff.

After doubling the size of her salon, Pat thought it was also a good idea to double the size of her staff, but that decision didn’t sit too well with the original 10 employees that had been with her from the start; some had been working with Pat for 20 years!

The original staff was so upset that they left the salon in the middle of the night. Being such a small town, word obviously spread, and Pat lost a lot of business. But that’s not all…

Because she no longer had enough employees, she had no use for the additional space that she just added on, and had to board it up — although she’s still paying for the addition.

On top of that, Pat also has a few er– issues to deal with when it comes to the new staff members.

One stylist, Mandy, spends more time doing her own hair than the customers, and the salon manager, doesn’t do much managing, or anything else for that matter. Definitely in need of a Tabatha Coffey style takeover!

Upon arriving at the shoppe, Tabatha is horrified to see the “Grandma’s attic” decor, and Tracy (the manager) dressed in a t-shirt and jean shorts. Not exactly Tabatha’s cup of tea.

When meeting with the staff, Tabatha learns just how hurt Pat was by the walk out and what people around town have to say about the shoppe. It’s not good.

Time to test out the newbies on a few models.

The staff all seems super nervous about working under the watchful eye of Tabatha Coffey, who’s not at all impressed with what she’s seeing. It’s clear that the stylists need a lot of education…A LOT; including Pat!

Later, Tabatha shares her own heartbreaking walk out experience with Pat, reassuring her that she can get past this setback. But first, she has to deal with the empty space that’s not being used, and finally open up to her staff.

After an emotional speech, Pat and her employees are treated to tea with Tabatha; but with a twist. Tabatha takes them all to get a refresher in Southern hospitality so they can improve their interactions with clients old and new.

Three days later, Tabatha unveils the new and improved shoppe to Pat and her staff.

Such an improvement!

But will the staff do any better?

So far, so good. But then there was Mandy, who was openly complaining about “making money” and shampooing in front of clients. Classy. Instead of dealing with it herself, Pat has Tracy handle it, and she does…well.

But because of the situation, Tracy ends up over-processing a client’s hair color and is freaking out. Luckily, Tabatha is there and helps Tracy manage her mini-crisis.

When she returns to the shoppe 6 weeks later, business is booming at Pat’s. Unfortunately, Tracy hasn’t stepped up to the plate as a manager, so Pat will likely start taking over those duties herself. The good news is, Pat has moved on from the past and the future for her salon is looking bright!

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