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The Biggest Loser Recap: How Old Are We Anyway?

January 31, 2012 08:39 PM by Lisa Princ

This week on a brand new episode of NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, the aqua team returned to the ranch, but did they lose the 50 lbs that they needed to lose to earn their spot back? While no one was kicked out of the gym tonight, rest assured that there was plenty of drama – big shocker, huh? Read on for all the highlights of tonight’s episode!

The Biggest Loser kicked off this week as Alison Sweeney announced that the aqua team, Adrian and Daphne, were returning to see if they had lost the 50 lbs needed to earn their spot on back on the ranch. The contestants did not look happy to see the aqua team, and were even more unnerved when the aqua team wound up losing 60 lbs, and did earn their spot back on the ranch! Adrian and Daphne could not come to an agreement about who would be going to Bob’s team, so they played rock/paper/scissors to end the debate. Yes, I am serious – and it left us wondering if we were back in high school again.

Adrian and Daphne had their work cut out for them though, as they really needed to prove to their uneasy teammates that they were serious. Adrian was off to a bad start as he immediately started to brag that he worked out 14 hours per day at home, and of course the drama queen of the house, aka Conda took that and ran with it. Conda started gossiping to Kim and even claimed that Adrian said some things to her that he did not say – again, how old are we here? I would have loved to smack her through the screen tonight! Luckily, with a little help from Dolvett Quince, they were able to work through their issues – for now anyway. Meanwhile, both Adrian and Daphne proved themselves in the gym, now all they had to do was carry that over onto the scale. The aqua team had immunity this week, pending they did not gain any weight, but their weight would still count toward the team total.

Over on the black team, there was drama that carried over from Chris almost being eliminated last week, but Bob Harper was having no part of that. Bob decided to sit everyone down, and both Chism and Jeremy admitted that they felt distanced from Chris, as she did from them. Bob reiterated to the team that Chris’ breakdown last week was actually a break through – and then things got awkward. Chris decided to approach Jeremy and Chism and instead of confronting them, she went on gushing about how great they both were, and how they could come to her anytime. Neither Jeremy nor Chism were buying her act as they both thought that if Chris has any interest in getting to know them, she should have done it last week.

The teams then competed in a volleyball themed challenge, where they had to slam a ball into a trampoline, bounce it over a wall, and get it to land in the team’s net on the other side of the wall. Each ball was worth some points, and the first team to 100 points would win. The black team took an early lead, but after a few missed balls, the red team caught up and wound up winning the challenge. For winning, the red team had to choose one person from both teams that would not have their weight count at the weigh in. For their team they chose Nancy, and for the black team they chose Megan, which was a smart choice considering her 2 lb loss last week. After an intense last chance workout, this is how the teams fared at the weigh in:

Bob Harper’s Black Team

from 320 lbs to 318 lbs (-2)

from 238 lbs to 229 lbs (-9) * did not count

from 215 lbs to 211 (-4)

from 347 lbs to 338 (-9)

from 235 lbs to 230 lbs (-5)

from 206 lbs to 200 lbs (-6)

from 245 lbs to 244 lbs (-1)
*Total team loss of 27 lbs and 1.72%

Dolvett Quince’s Red Team

Roy aka Santa
from 272 lbs to 268 lbs (-4)

from 265 lbs to 263 lbs (-2)

from 197 lbs to 193 lbs (-4)

from 255 lbs to 251 lbs (-4)

from 200 lbs to 196 lbs (-4) * did not count

from 220 lbs to 215 lbs (-5)

from 353 lbs to 345 (-8)

from 336 lbs to 334 lbs (-2)
* Total team loss of 29 lbs and 1.53%

This meant that the red team lost the weigh in. Now, anyone in their proper mind would think that the red team would send Conda home. I mean, not only is she a gossiping pain in the butt, but she also had the smallest loss on the team. Prior to the elimination, Mark called out Adrian and accused him of playing the game because both he and his sister had such a small loss, but both knew that they had immunity. Adrian denied it, and we don’t really know as their was not much shown between the aqua team, aside from their pact to win it all. Meanwhile, the majority of the red team decided to send Nancy home, as they felt she was moving in the right direction and could do it at home. To date, Nancy is down to 178 lbs, and looks happier than ever!

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