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Tori & Dean Season Finale Recap: Home Sweet Hollywood – Tori Spelling Gives Birth To A Third McDermott!

February 01, 2012 12:24 AM by Ashley Lee

It’s finally all here for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: the new house AND the new baby! But will the family get along in time for the third McDermott’s arrival? Read on for the full recap of the Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood season finale, “And the Baby Makes Five!”

First thing’s first: Tori and Dean receive an offer on their current house, meaning they now have to find a new house and move before the new baby arrives. “We want a smaller house and a lot of land, we want to grow our own food,” says Tori, “and be in a smaller, cozier house and focus on being a tighter family unit as our family’s growing.”

As Dean heads to Toronto for the premiere of his movie, Ecstasy, Tori pledges look for a new house online, plan her own baby shower and decorate the new nursery—for a house she doesn’t have yet, and for a child whose sex she doesn’t know yet. ”It’s just a normal weekend for a supermom!”

Tori heads to the craft store with James to plan her baby shower, and has a little trouble driving around the store’s scooter. “I can see the headline now, ‘Tori Spelling Takes Out Crafters, Glitter and Blood Everywhere!’ It’s not pretty.”

While in Toronto, Dean walks the edge of the CK Tower! But his movie premiere doesn’t go so well, as most of his scenes were cut from the film. However, he’s excited to come home to Tori. “If you get the hiccups, call me. If you have to fart, call me!”

Tori wonder the sex of the baby and play around with an old wives’ tale to figure it out at home. However, she’s overwhelmed by sudden contractions and decides to visit the doctor one more time. She finds out her baby will be eight or nine pounds when born in a few weeks, which will be her biggest baby of her three so far. “I’m having a giant baby!”

For her third baby shower, all guests forgo gifts and bring an unwrapped baby essential to be donated to Baby2Baby. Denise Richards and a handle of the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills happily attend, and Dean whips up amazing desserts. Everyone is guessing the sex of the baby! After the party, Tori delivers the gifts to the charity herself.

Tori does something fun with each of her kids, one-on-one, before the third baby arrives. For Liam, it’s a mad scientist-style lab in their kitchen, complete with an erupting volcano. “Every day, he’s becoming his own little man…he’s gonna be an awesome little dude, and I made him.” Tori also steps outside into the backyard for a princess-themed tea party, and explains to her that though there will be another baby in the house, Stella will always be special to Tori. “I’m so proud to be her mom.”

The whole family also tours their new house, and though everyone likes it, Liam throws a fit about sharing a room with Stella. Dean tells Tori, “You can’t feel guilty about this or else he’s going to be like this for the rest of his life! You can’t let a 4-year-old dictate what we’re going to do.” Liam eventually calms down, but will he eventually embrace his new room with his sister?

In the middle of the night, Tori’s water breaks. “I don’t feel prepared for the baby yet,” confesses Tori. Dean reassures her oddly, “Well, you don’t get a say in it!” And after a painful cesarean section, they welcome a baby girl into their family! “We don’t have a name for you; we were convinced it was a boy!” jokes Dean, except he’s pretty much serious about it too. Everyone in the waiting room is incredibly thrilled about the new baby girl, especially Mehran. “We both secretly wanted a little baby girl,” says Tori of Mehran. “We want to style her!”

“We know we wanted something traditional and old fashioned so, no joke, we Googled ‘old fashioned traditional baby girls names’ and that’s how we got Hattie Margaret McDermott,” explained Tori. They both reflect about how Hattie’s birth has brought peace to both sides of the extended family, and how happy they are to also share this experience with Hattie’s two older siblings. “I love having a big family; a big family means more love, and I have so much love to give.”

Did you watch tonight’s final episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?

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