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American Idol Auditions Recap: Did St. Louis Deliver Another Carrie Underwood?

February 02, 2012 07:05 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night, American Idol on FOX brought us to Portland, Oregon for auditions, and tonight they head to St. Louis. We also got an exclusive sneak peek at Madonna’s new music video, but was the next Carrie Underwood discovered tonight? Read on for all the highlights!

American Idol returned to St. Louis tonight, the very spot where Carrie Underwood was discovered eight years ago. St. Louis kicked off with Johnny Keyser, who was hoping to impress with his rendition of Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cook. The young man who told his story of growing up with divorced parents and living with his dad, was so good that the judges didn’t want him to stop singing! Then things got comical, as we watched a montage of bad performances, including one that was completely silenced so we would not be subjected to it.

Next, we met Rachelle Lamb, a single mom who brought her daughter in for the audition with her. Rachelle chose to sing Find Somebody New by Faith Hill in honor of her ex-husband, who crushed her music dreams in the past. She sounded pure, and the judges thought it was full of passion, landing her a ticket to Hollywood. St. Louis then took a quick turn for the worst, including a hillbilly Elvis wannabe who tried to pull off Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks, but would have been more entertaining if we were watching him pull off his sideburns instead.

The talent was then back as Reis Kloeckener was the next to audition. Reis shared his story of being bullied in high school, and debating dropping out, but he joined the choir instead and turned his life in a positive direction. Reis impressed with his version of Lean On Me, as the judges thought he was one of the best yet. More inspiration followed, as we then met 22-year-old Ethan Jones, who informed us that he dropped out of school to join a band with his dad, who was now in rehab. Ethan sang an amazing rendition of I’ll Be by Edwin McCain and earned a golden ticket.

Next on American Idol, we got a glimpse of Madonna’s new music video, Give Me All Your Luvin, and personally, I thought it was pretty catchy tune. Then it was back to the auditions with Mark Ingram, an auditor in the hotel that they were holding the auditions, who sang Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder. When the judges try to let him down gently, Mark decided to start belting out another tune, which was even worse! Mark, and all his co-workers that came into the audition room with him were disappointed, but the show must go on!

Last but not least in St. Louis was Lauren Gray, who sings with her father in a southern rock band and attributes her audition to her father, claiming it is a dream of his as well as hers. 22-year-old Lauren took on Adele’s One and Only, and she wowed us with her strong voice! Lauren sounded almost as good as Adele – this girl could definitely be a force this season on the show. Steven called her fearless, and Jennifer said that Lauren was one of the best female auditions yet! Could Lauren Gray be the next Carrie Underwood? Only time will tell!

That wraps up the auditions for American Idol, next week we head to Hollywood – see you there!

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