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Jersey Shore Recap: Pee Pee Problems

February 02, 2012 09:17 PM by Candace Young

Last week on MTV‘s Jersey Shore, Pauly D led the gang on an expedition to Staten Island to get Vinny back. Keep reading to see what Vinny and the others get up to this week in the Seaside Heights house, and to find out the answers to burning questions such as, ‘Which of the ladies is dealing with a female problem?’ and ‘How long can Mike be nice?’…

At the house, Vinny shares a laugh with Pauly D and Deena over The Situation suddenly being super nice. They all decide to head to Karma. JWoww calls Roger to fill him in – she’s feeling bad about not spending much time with him – but she only gets voicemail. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Snooki exchange amused glances when Mike says he’s getting a tattoo about loyalty. Ronnie whispers that it should be about betrayal!

At the club, Pauly D is beaming because Vinny’s back as his wing man. The Meatballs dance so hard that Snooki pees herself on the dance floor! She nips into the bathroom and sprays herself down with perfume so she can carry on (nasty!).

Snooki wakes up the next morning in the same clothes from the night before – she bags up the pee pee panties and throws them away. In the washroom, Deena electrocutes herself and turns to Sammi for reassurance that she will remain the same person. Sammi says she should be alright – there are different types of shocks.

Outside on the deck, Snooki asks Mike if he wants to get drunk, and remarks on how he keeps separating from the group when they all go out. Jenni still can’t reach Roger on the phone. They all decide to head out to Jenkinson’s because it’s a beautiful day. Mike’s continued niceness makes Ronnie suspicious.

At Jenkinson’s, Mike once again separates from the group, and Snooki determines that she has a urinary tract infection. She tells the camera she’s a vet tech, and therefore knows that drinking tequila would be a good way to mask the discomfort. When the others go to play on the boardwalk, Mike runs his own party with people he’s run into. Later, the Meatballs end up in a cab with Mike. Drunken conversation about Mike feeling left out ensues.

At the house, Snooki’s pee problems continue. When all of the bathrooms are in use, she adjourns to the deck to pee out there. Sammi catches her. In the kitchen, Deena drinks out of a bowl. Pauly D feels that with the Meatballs there, they don’t need pets. JWoww is highly amused when she spots a ranting Mike preparing to get into the hot tub with his pants unzipped and pee pee out.

This incident is followed up by a drunken chat between Mike and Snooki. He says he’s either totally nice or totally mean, that’s the issue. She urges him to tell Pauly he’s being fake. Mike morphs from ‘The Situation’ to ‘The Confrontation’, and heads inside.  Once inside, Mike makes a lot of apologies and Pauly says he obviously drank too much and became emotional.

Snooki decides to bring life to the house with the bunny suit. She enlists Deena’s help – she will round up the others so Snooki can ‘ransack’ them. They get Vinny, sort of,  and then Pauly and Mike, who is stunned to find himself being humped by a large rabbit.

The gang plays a prank on Snooki and get soot all over her face from ‘warm beer’. Pauly thoroughly enjoys it, calling it the best day of his life. Snooki is puzzled by everyone laughing at her, so decides to go pee and sees her face in the mirror. She declares that ‘it’s game on, bitches’ – no one puts stuff on her face and gets away with it.

The next day, JWoww’s hairdresser arrives with extensions for all. Snooki’s dad, Andy, stops by for a visit and gets up to speed on his daughter’s urinary tract infection. The beleaguered man is then sent out for cranberry juice.

On the boardwalk, Mike runs into Roger and can hardly wait to get back to tell Jenni. He and Deena talk at the t-shirt shop. She says he’s been better and should stay that way.

At home, Mike wastes no time in telling Jenni he saw Roger hanging out at the beach with his boys. Jenni is pissed off and anticipates a confrontation with Roger. Mike, meanwhile, tells the guys his plan to get Snooki by having The Unit confess some things to Jionni. Pauly D seems glad to have the old Mike back and says his popcorn is ready for the drama to unfold! Ours too!

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