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Project Runway All Stars Recap: Clothes Off Your Back

February 02, 2012 11:59 PM by Ashley Lee

Gelato-inspired gowns in six hours? Last week’s challenge was a piece of cake compared to this week’s mission on Project Runway All Stars: convince complete strangers in Central Park to give the designers the clothes off their backs! Who shows a stellar street-style look for hockey player Sean Avery and the rest of the judges? Read on for the recap, including a shocking elimination…

Tonight’s challenge is all about designers and their muse. The contestants have 30 minutes to find a muse and design a fashion forward version of the muse’s look. However, they also have to convince the muse to give the clothes off their back! They each have abBudget of $150 to get fabric at mood AND to get people to give them their clothes for money, if necessary. A very important detail: half of the final look must come from the muse’s original clothing.

Anthony has no problem getting people to take their clothes off. He gets a veryyyy good looking guy to take off his denim shorts! “And all I’m giving you in return is a smile!” Apparently, Austin got the guy’s phone number!

Then the designers head to mood for supplemental fabrics, and everyone is running short on money! Kara is three dollars short, and three designers each chip in to help her out.

Joanna Coles stops in for a consultation with each of the designers. Does Anthony have a clear muse in mind, or did he have too much fun snagging clothes off the backs of random strangers? Mondo also hopes his background will help him out in this street-style challenge, possibly with his first win of the season. “I would go to thrift stores and buy a bunch of crap…and turn it into something beautiful for myself.”

Just before the runway show, Kenley’s advice is given a bit too freely (as in no one really wants it), and she even helps Kara sew her supposedly perfect pants. This season’s competitors are a bit too friendly, no?

On the runway, the challenge’s guest judge is Sean Avery, an NHL player who interned at Vogue and is quickly rising in the fashion scene. After all the looks are shown, Rami is first at the top. His menswear-inspired look is a big hit, especially with the tailoring on the shorts, but everyone hates his styling. Why put on that blue hat? Austin’s rock ‘n’ roll look is impeccably tailored. “Congratulations, it’s fabulous; it’s divine,” said Isaac Mizrahi.

Mondo’s outfit is also a showstopper. “I would die for this outfit!” shrieked Angela. Isaac loves it too: “I love how bare it is and covered up it is and how in control she is,” he said. However, he comments that it’s a little too stylish, as in a woman can’t make it her own and might be afraid to wear it. But that’s no matter, because the winner is Mondo! “I’ve been waiting for this, and it feels so, so good!”

At the bottom is Michael’s bodysuit, ill-fitting and inappropriate for the streets of New York. Jerell’s bare model is also criticized;  Sean Avery said he wrote down, ”Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, burning man on acid.”

However, will Anthony be automatically out because of his hot pink, wide leg pants? Everyone loves his jumpsuit, especially coming from the designer who usually only turns out gowns, but Georgina comments, ”Part of the judging criteria is 50% of the fabric…it’s just a matter of whether he can be judged.”

Unfortunately, Anthony is out. Michael gets emotional on the runway at the second chance, yet Anthony takes the hit in stride. “I wanted to push myself in this process to be the best that I can be for Anthony, and I have superceded my expectations…I don’t think I had to stay until the end to do what I needed to do. I’m good!”

Who do you think should have won or lost on tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars?

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