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The Biggest Loser Cassandra Sturos Exclusive Blog: Week Five

February 02, 2012 07:27 AM by Cassandra Sturos

So here I am, another week on The Biggest Loser ranch under my belt having survived the ranch! So much happened this week I don’t even know where to start. Well, I suppose the beginning is always appropriate, so away we go!

After a very emotional elimination sending our sweet Gail home, we find out we are in for a surprise. I myself have always been rather fond of surprises – until the Biggest Loser that is. It’s not that we don’t get nice surprises; it’s simply that we are astounded so often at the ranch, and oftentimes in a whoa-didn’t see that coming kind of way, that I’ve learned to be a little wary of the word surprise.

Come to find out the Aqua team is back. Now I had mixed feelings about this. A part of me was saying, hey they were given another shot and fair is fair. While the other part of me that is very resistant to change was wondering how on earth this new dynamic was going to work in a house that I was just starting to get used to. Bottom line – everyone deserves a second chance and I settled on that and moving into a new week with a new goal—get into the 100′s!

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All I could think all week was seven pounds, seven pounds, or 199, 199! Eek! I hadn’t been in the glorious 100′s since my junior year of college where I was on a nice weight loss kick and got down to 197, flirted there for a brief, beautiful moment and then bam-o was back on the fast-track to 200land and then some.

There hasn’t been a single week at the ranch that I have taken the experience and sheer enormity of being here lightly and this week was no different, especially with the dangling carrot of 199 looming so tantalizing in front of me. If I had to be up until midnight in the gym finishing my homework from Bob, I would, even if it meant crashing into bed already in a half coma from trying to get from shower to pajamas to pillow.

So I should clarify quick, last week I mentioned that we did a circuit called Fran in our outdoor workout. That was incorrect. We did a slight variation on Fran which was actually entitled Francine. This week’s circuit was Fran. Oh, Fran/Francine, either way you are not one of my favorite girls. However, I will tell you this, doing Francine last week definitely helped me get on board with tackling Fran. If I could handle that little punk Francine, then Fran had nothing on me.

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While some of my teammates definitely bested me in the time department, I have learned that the beauty of Crossfit (the style of training involving these heinous circuits named after women) is that you are competing with yourself for your best time and then you aim to get better from there. Now being naturally competitive of course I do pay attention to my teammates time but for me, finishing Fran in less than ten minutes when that was indeed what Bob was screaming at me to do, felt like a huge victory.

I finished and my brain was like, yeah you just did that. Fran. You nailed Fran! Okay, and don’t go there and be filthy.

So the elimination, huh? In a word, devastation. My grandma getting voted off was incredibly difficult for me. She helped me in more ways than she will ever know or fathom. By her being my cheerleader and waiting up for me almost every single night when I practically crawled into our room with exhaustion. In her coming to the ranch and fulfilling a lifelong dream that I had begun to believe was long out of my reach. But in her being an amazing grandmother and saying yes to this experience that I desperately needed she discovered how badly she needed it too. I saw how happy she was at the ranch and knew despite my overwhelming sadness at her departure that she was taking that new found euphoria back home with her.

Here’s to you G-ma. This next week is all for you. Be sure to watch next Tuesday!

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