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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: No Day at the Park’s

February 03, 2012 08:20 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on FOX, Chef Gordon Ramsay heads to Atlanta, Georgia to give Park’s Edge a Ramsay-style restaurant rescue, but how much can he do when one of the owners refuses to even admit there’s a problem, and the other has completely alienated the entire community by calling it racist? Oooh, we love it when Chef Ramsay has to get tough! What did you miss on this week’s all new episode of Kitchen Nightmares?

Tonight on Kitchen Nightmares….

Park’s Edge restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia is on the brink of disaster. The staff is frustrated and at each other’s throats, the menu is as chaotic as the drama going on in the kitchen. And perhaps one of the biggest issues of all — one of the restaurant’s owners doesn’t even see that any of this is a problem, and the other, doesn’t care! A dangerous combination.

Can Chef Ramsay wake them up from this nightmare?

Richard and Jorge opened Park’s Edge three years ago with absolutely ZERO experience in the industry. Fresh out of culinary school, Jorge’s skills in the kitchen are…let’s say…lacking, so the food leaves a lot to be desired. And believe it or not, it gets worse!

After publicly calling the community racist for not liking the establishment (though people in the area say that they don’t support the restaurant because it simply wasn’t good enough), there’s been some friction between the owners and the greater Park neighborhood, which has made it even harder for Park’s Edge to get people in the door.

Restaurant rescues are one thing, but can Gordon Ramsay handle race relations too?!

The good chef arrives and is immediately taken aback by the Park’s Edge menu. It’s a mix of a bit of everything, and not very appealing. Grilled lettuce in a Caesar salad? Sadly, it’s the owner, Richard’s first time even tasting these things!

Chef Ramsay confronts Jorge, telling him that he’s not even qualified to work the line in the kitchen, which infuriates the “chef” to the point where he just storms out, but he returns later in the day to cook for the dinner service as Chef Ramsay observes.

What he observes is absolute madness.

Customers are returning dishes left and right, Jorge has no control in the kitchen, and the servers, realizing that their tips are in jeopardy, are growing more and more frustrated. Richard, not wanting to deal with any of it, simply hides in a corner as the diners leave one by one.

But there’s no hiding from Chef Ramsay, and Richard and Jorge’s excuses aren’t going to cut it anymore.

For a little reality check, Chef Ramsay holds a meeting with the staff, but has the owners watch from the kitchen. After revealing that Richard is often drinking on the job and that Jorge’s temper is as bad as his food, Chef Ramsay tells the employees that they’ve been listening in on the conversation.

When Richard and Jorge enter the room, Richard is so emotional that he can hardly speak, but manages to put together a sincere, tearful apology to his staff for not caring enough, or treating them better.

Now that they’ve got their employees on board, it’s time to work on getting the community’s support. For that, Chef Ramsay has Jorge and Richard join him on the local news to apologize for their past gaffe; an opportunity for which Richard is beyond grateful.

But is it too little, too late?

With a new look and a new, simplified menu, Park’s Edge is almost ready to reopen its doors, however, one of the cooks isn’t happy about the idea of chicken wings on the menu of a “fine dining restaurant,” and refuses to cook them. Fortunately (for him), Chef Ramsay puts him in his place in time for the dinner service, but later, they find that the same cook is purposely sending out bad dishes.

Not wanting anyone to ruin their chance for redemption, Jorge throws the cook out of the kitchen and leads his staff to a successful service.

He had his doubts (so did we), but Chef Ramsay is thoroughly impressed by Jorge and Richard’s progress.

Weeks later, business is booming, and it seems that Park’s Edge is on its way to becoming a fixture in the community.

Great job guys!

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