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The Bachelor Recap: Bachelorette’s Secret Costs Her Ben

February 06, 2012 08:31 PM by Candace Young

Last week on ABC‘s The Bachelor,  Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson went skinny-dipping, there was more Courtney and Emily drama, and in a surprise move, Ben eliminated Jennifer Fritsch. Keep reading to find what Ben and his bachelorettes get up to in Panama City, Panama, and to find out whose secret will be revealed!

Tonight on The Bachelor, although Ben is looking forward to his Panama City dates, this week heralds the first dreaded two-on-one date from which one girl must go home. However, the first date card goes to Kacie, who scores her second one-on-one date with Ben.

Kacie and Ben tour the city by helicopter and see the Panama Canal. They wind up on a deserted island alone.  Between them, they have a bag of candy, a bottle of wine, matches, a net, and an all-purpose tool. They work together to gather coconuts and start a fire. They even catch a fish in the net to eat. It’s a cool date.

The conversation gets deep over dinner as Kacie opens up about having an eating disorder in high school and how it made her grow up faster. Ben likes her even more for having the guts to tell him about it. He wants to learn more about her too – he gives her the rose.

At the house, Emily, Nicki, Lindzi, Casey, Courtney, and Jamie get the group date. That leaves Blakeley and Rachel to go on the dreaded two-on-one.

It’s jungle time on the group date. Ben’s curious to see how the girls will react. They all admire Ben’s manly boating skills as he picks them up to go down the river. Courtney turns her nose up at the wooden boat with peeling green paint – oh, and she’s also ‘over’ group dates.  They spot some kids playing soccer and follow them to their village. The people take them into huts and put them in tribal gear. Courtney stuns the other girls by wearing just beads over her boobs – essentially flashing – and shakes them, saying, “When in Panama!” Ben, who appears in a loin cloth,  appreciates Courtney’s efforts to be like the natives. She body paints her ‘mark’ on him. Not surprisingly, there are a fair number of comments about Courtney’s behavior, especially from Emily who just doesn’t ‘get it’.

In the evening, Lindzi scores some make-out time with Ben after opening up a bit and showing her softer side. Ben takes Courtney aside after and tells her not to stop being assertive just because it gets her in trouble with the other girls – clearly she’s got him fooled if he thinks he has to tell her that! Jamie, who hasn’t kissed Ben yet, launches into a lengthy speech about how she feels about him when they spend alone time, but Courtney saunters over and strips down to a white bikini. Ben, clearly distracted, tunes Jamie out. Jamie gives up on the idea of kissing him as Courtney lays on a lounger and strokes herself. Too funny!

When Emily gets her one-on-one time with Ben she makes him laugh by telling him she fell for the chief of the tribe. She claims she’s past the stuff with Courtney, and they kiss. Emily goes back and apologizes to Courtney, who gives her a rat nose and tells her they’ll never be friends, and is an utter bitch about the whole thing. In any case, it’s Lindzi who nets the rose on the date.

Incidentally, Courtney extended an invitation to Ben to join her in her room after the group date, and he didn’t show up.

The day of the dreaded two-on-one dawns. Blakeley is considerably more excited and confident than Rachel going in. Ben’s essentially trying to find out if he has chemistry with one of them to an extent to keep the relationship going. They go to salsa lessons.  Rachel, determined not to let Blakeley dominate the date, does some sexy dancing with Ben first. Blakeley tries to be sexier than Rachel and does a lot of what looks like a stripper dance with Ben as the pole. Rachel tries to cut in once to no avail.

At dinner, the rose sits ominously on the table – it’s incredibly awkward all the way around. Ben takes Rachel to talk privately. She tells him there is something great between them – it’s obvious she’s nervous. Blakeley has her shot at Ben next. She cries and wishes she’d had a one-on-one date. In an unexpected gesture that is partly sweet, partly stalker-y, she shows him a scrapbook she’s made of everywhere they’ve been. Back at the table, Ben says he has to base his decision on who he sees going forward with – it’s Rachel. Blakeley takes off. Ben follows and asks to be able to explain. Don’t ‘sugarcoat’ it, Ben!

Chris Harrison turns up at the bachelorettes’ suite before the cocktail party and asks to speak with Casey alone. Once outside, he tells her three different people have told him she’s in love with her boyfriend, Michael, and not with Ben. He goes on to say that Michael confirmed they are still in a relationship – practically living together before the show! Casey denies it, saying Michael wouldn’t marry her. It comes out that she doesn’t want to be in love with Michael, but she is.

Chris takes her to find Ben, who seems a little freaked out. He gets the story, and points out that the love she has for this other guy has clearly held her back from opening up. Ben tells her flat out that she should go home. Considering Ben’s dating an entire group of girls, it seems a smidge unfair, but hey, she’s gone. Chris comforts her outside the door, sees her off, and then returns to tell the rest of the girls what happened. He warns if anyone else is there who is not completely open to finding love, now’s the time to step away.

Cocktail Party

With the numbers reduced to just seven, Ben begins the cocktail party saying he has feelings for all of them. The highlight of the party is Jamie, the self-professed prude, straddling Ben and making out with him. She giggles and talks A LOT, though, which brings things to a halt. When they decide to try again, she actually narrates how the kiss will go. It’s so awful that Ben tells her she’s like an instruction manual – my guess is that she’s just done herself in.

Rose Ceremony

Rachel, Lindzi, and Kacie have roses and are safe. Ben offers roses to Nicki, Courtney, and Emily. Yep, Jamie’s going home. It’s a quick goodbye.

Next week, Ben and the bachelorettes are going to exotic and tropical Belize.

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