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Tabatha Takes Over Recap: Chill Out!

February 07, 2012 10:53 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on an all new episode of Tabatha Takes Over, Tabatha Coffey heads to Ventura, Calif. to help the owners of Chill – a frozen yogurt shop with a bit of an identity crisis. Can she turn things around before Chill puts a freeze on the couple’s other business ventures?

This week on Bravo, Tabatha Coffey is at it again, tackling another non-salon business (finally!), and boy, is this one a doozie.

Chill is a frozen yogurt shop located in Ventura, Calif. Owned by husband and wife Jim and Sandy, Chill is actually the third business for the family of entrepreneurs, but with $90,000 of debt, it’s become a burden, taking away the profits of their successful pizza parlor and bar.

So what’s the problem?

Yes the staff is young and irresponsible, and Sandy is hardly ever at the shop, but Chill’s biggest issue is that the yogurt just doesn’t taste good. The employees know it, the customers know it, Tabatha Coffey now knows it, but Sandy just won’t admit it. She will, however, admit that Chill is in need of some major help. Hey, that’s all that matters, right?

After assessing the business, getting to the bottom of Sandy’s emotional attachment to it (she just loves yogurt!), and seeing that the family does know how to run things successfully, Tabatha suggests that they figure out what the customers really want by taking it to the streets and having a taste test — Chill’s frozen yogurt vs. their coffee.

The verdict? The people agree with Sandy’s staff…the coffee at Chill is definitely better than the yogurt.

To show that she’s committed to improving the business, Sandy (and her husband) agree to make some major changes at Chill.

Gone are the noisy frozen yogurt machines and the bar of germs — er, toppings. Instead, Chill will now be a trendy coffee and sandwich shop. And Tabatha hasn’t even brought her crew in for the redesign yet!

First, there needs to be some changes on the staff. With gossip and cattiness being more important than what’s going on at the shop, it’s obvious that the employee with actual managerial experience, Beth, should be the one calling the shots. Lauren, who acknowledges that she’s too close to the other employees to boss them around, is struggling enough simply trying getting orders right, let alone managing. Still, Jim, Sandy, and Tabatha agree that if given the opportunity (and with Beth backing her up as a co-manager), Lauren can step up to the plate…eventually.

With a new focus, a new look, and new management, Chill is finally the cool business that Sandy always dreamed of owning.

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One Response to “Tabatha Takes Over Recap: Chill Out!”

  1. stewie Says:
    February 8th, 2012 at 7:12 am

    I hope Chill is a successful business and nobody’s gotten fired yet. It sounds like Lauren has stepped up as a manager after struggling on reopening day. It’s too bad the yogurt didn’t work out because you’d think a lot of Californians would want something cold and tasty but at least the sandwiches and cookies are going to be what gets the owners out of debt. Long live Chill!


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