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Team Adam Levine And Team Blake Shelton Chat About Their Experience On The Voice

February 07, 2012 03:00 PM by Lisa Princ

The Voice on NBC premiered this week, and we saw some some great talent already. In a press conference today, the contestants of both team Adam Levine and team Blake Shelton chatted about their experience on the show so far. Read on to hear what Angel Taylor, Kim Yarbrough, Gwen Sebastian, and Jermaine Paul had to say about the show!

Last night on The Voice on NBC, we watched as Angel Taylor, Kim Yarbrough, Gwen Sebastian, and Jermaine Paul went through the blind auditions, hoping to see a chair turn around for them. These amazing voices were picked up by Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, and today they took some time to chat with the press about their experience thus far on the show. Check out the interview below!

Question: Kim, can you tell us how the past 24 hours have been for you since the show aired?

Kim Yarbrough: It’s been a wild ride. My phone has been blowing up with text messages. I got 1000 Twitter followers overnight. They just keep coming, the well wishes, comments, and my Facebook page is blowing up. It is kind of overwhelming, so much so that I couldn’t sleep last night from all the excitement.

Question: Jermaine, you are not a Country singer, so why did you choose to go with Blake Shelton?

Jermaine Paul: I never even knew about Blake Shelton until the show. My daughter and wife watched the show last season and told me how good a coach Blake was. The thing with The Voice is that it’s not really genre based, so it’s cool to be with someone who will appreciate what you bring. One thing he said that caught my attention, was that he said he saw exactly what he heard, which makes me feel that he wouldn’t want to change me in any way.

Question: This one is for everyone. Have any of you tried out for any other shows prior to The Voice?

Angel Taylor: No, I have never tried out for any of the other shows.

Kim Yarbrough: Yes, I have tried out for every show imaginable, at least that I was not too old for. I never got a call back on any of them. This is the first time I’ve gotten a call back, and I started screaming when they called me back in excitement.

Gwen Sebastian: I tried out for a show called Nashville Star and America’s Got Talent. I never got a call back, so when I did for The Voice, it was like a drop the phone shock.

Jermaine Paul: I auditioned for the first season of American Idol, before I went on as background singer. I got no call back, and nothing came out of it. It was rumored that I auditioned again in 2008, but I that is not true, I never did.

Question: Gwen, are you still certain that you made the right decision to put your family on hold?

Gwen Sebastian: Absolutely, totally. Especially after getting this opportunity – it’s the most incredible thing that’s happened to me.

Question: Jermaine, what made you decide to pursue a solo career?

Jermaine Paul: I’m a family man, a father of four. I have always worked hard to support my family. For years had a steady gig, and it has always been dream to do it myself. At the age of 16 to 17, I had a situation with a couple of record companies that didn’t work out, and by the time I was 19, I was starting a family. Family has always been my main focus, but deep down, I always wanted to give solo a try and I felt like it was a now or never opportunity.

Question: Gwen, at 37, do you feel your experience gives you an advantage?

Gwen Sebastian: Oh gosh, you know, I don’t know that it gives me advantage over anyone else. I will say if I had been younger, I may not have been ready. All of my experience with singing and touring, I mean back then, I didn’t have that, and it may have been different. The one benefit I feel I have is maybe on stage, I was really nervous, but it may have helped to have that background.

Question: Angel, you said you had a crush on Blake Shelton, so why did you go with Adam Levine instead?

Angel Taylor: [laughing] Well, because looks aren’t everything. It was a tough decision. Blake Shelton, I am a huge fan of country music, but I wasn’t sure he would turn around. I made the right choice for me with Adam Levine.

Question: Jermaine, why did you go with Blake Shelton over Cee Lo Green?

Jermaine Paul: I had never heard of Blake Shelton before this whole thing. I was introduced to him when I was introduced to the show, through my daughter and wife. I went with the moment, I wanted to really feel the moment and speak to both of them, and Blake really seemed sincere. I am a huge Cee Lo fan, but I just felt the sincerity from Blake. You kind of just go with what feels right at the moment.

Question: Kim, what type of music do you see yourself doing?

Kim Yarbrough: I personally a huge R&B fan, always have been, but I am sometimes torn, even though R&B is my favorite genre. I am torn as I am classically trained, I mean, I was born in Memphis where you’re surrounded by Blues. I wanted to know where they saw me, because sometimes you don’t always see yourself where others see you. I guess I will go with the category that will be the least path of resistance. R&B is my favorite, but I love all types of music.

Question: We have seen tension between the coaches, can you tell us if it gets really nasty?

Kim Yarbrough: I think people do enjoy seeing the coaches get into it, but it does not run very deep. They’re in it to win it, and in it to play the game. All the coaches are very strong personalities, and they come with everything they have. It gets kind of passionate at times.

Gwen Sebastian: I think that they are all extremely passionate about what they do, and really passionate about being on this show. Sometimes, I think that they look at us and see a bit of themselves. We all share that same dream, and then the passion comes out. They are there to have fun to, and I enjoy watching them in their act – it is definitely fun!

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