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Team Christina Aguilera And Team Cee Lo Green Chat About Their Experience On The Voice

February 07, 2012 04:00 PM by Lisa Princ

The Voice on NBC premiered this week, and we saw some some awesome talent already. In a press conference today, the contestants of both team Christina Aguilera and team Cee Lo Green chatted about their experience on the show so far. Read on to hear what Angie Johnson, Lindsay Pavao, Jamar Rogers, and The Line (Hailey Steele and Leland Grant) had to say about the show!

Last night on The Voice on NBC, we watched as Angie Johnson, Lindsay Pavao, Jamar Rogers, and The Line (Hailey Steele and Leland Grant) went through the blind auditions, hoping to see a chair turn around for them. These amazing hopefuls were picked up by Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, and today they took some time to chat with the press about their experience thus far on the show. Check out the interview below!

Question: What was it like working with the mentors?

Leland Grant: It was incredible working with Christina – she is amazing. She is super talented, super intuitive. For me, she is one of those people that does not have to say a lot. She can say something so simple, but yet it means so much.

Jamar Rogers: Meeting Cee Lo was one of the highlights of my life. He is so talented and eccentric, but what many may not know is how wise he is. I just want to grab a pen and jot everything he says down. I don’ want to miss anything, I want to take it all in.

Question: This one is for Hailey. Did your experience at music school help you to get to this point?

Hailey Steele: It’s funny that you ask that because that is how I met Leyland. It was was through internship with Belmont. l lived in L.A. at the time, and was visiting Nashville. I came to a party and that’s how I met him. My experience at Belmont has very much to do with us getting to this point.
Question: Angie, can you talk about your military background?

Angie Johnson: Yes. I started as an intelligence analyst, which means that we planned missions. Throughout my career, I always sang anthems and such for ceremonies. I did a one year gig in a band, and I was then asked to join the air force band. This was all while I was on active duty for about 6 years.

Question: Lindsay, are you glad that you stayed true to yourself in your audition?

Lindsay Pavao: Yes. Going into it, every stage of the progress, such as getting to that blind audition, I was so surprised. I didn’t think anyone would turn around, and when three of them did, it was the most beautiful affirmation ever. Moving forward means everything I have been thinking and wanting, I feel like I can go for now. It was great and one of the proud moments of my life so far.

Question: Hailey and Leland, were you nervous about going in as a duo?

Hailey Steele: I think we were a little nervous going in. I mean it’s two people so double the pressure, but it gave us confidence and a leg up.

Question: Jamar, what made you disclose your HIV status?

Jamar Rogers: I auditioned for American Idol a few years back, and I remember being petrified that the producer or my roommate would find out. I lived with massive cloud over my head. One of the things I wanted to do with The Voice was to inspire people. Lots of young people are dying that don’t have to, I want to get the word out that it’s manageable if you take your meds, and take care of yourself, kind of like diabetes. I decided to come clean because at some point you have to decide that you want to live for something greater.

Question: Hailey and Leland, what did you think when all four chairs turned for you?

Hailey Steele: Well, we were having so much fun on stage, and Blake turned around early on – I think he turned for Leland, before I even started to sing. Then we were looking at each other, then looking at the audience, and when I looked at the center, all of the others were turning around. It was so exciting, sort of like we were in a video game, watching it play out. Having those four great coaches fight over you, it was a hard decision.

Question: Hailey, how did The Voice find you and when did you start singing?

Hailey Steele: Well, we auditioned in Atlanta actually. Leland had a cold on the day of the national audition, so we just took a road trip, and it was really fun. I got my start really early, the first time I performed, was at my Aunt’s wedding. Then I begged my parents to let me sing at church, and eventually I started going to nursing homes and performing.

Question: Jamar, what inspired you to turn your life around?

Jamar Rogers: I was living in Atlanta at the time, and by then I had been using hardcore for 5 years. I was down to 125 lbs, and none of my friends would let me live with them because I was stealing from them. I was homeless, and I remember picking up the phone asking my mom if I could come home and she was elated. I left Atlanta and I ended up getting sober, because there was nothing in Milwaukee. I joined a church and met Danny Gokey, and I stayed clean for years before I auditioned for Idol. I recently had a friend who overdosed at a young age. You know, we are so wrapped up with the Kardashians and nonsense, when there are many more serious issues going on out there. I wanted to let people know that we are not lepers.

Question: This is for team Christina. Cee Lo Green joked about the sexual tension between Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine. Did you see it that way?

Leland Grant: Well, I think the tension is like, well, from my perspective anyway, it felt like old friends. There’s a mutual respect and sometimes give your friends a hard time. Yeah, the coaches gave each other a hard time, but that is all that is, none of it is true animosity.

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