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Cee Lo Green Explains Inspiration For “Fuck You” Song

February 08, 2012 11:00 AM by Ashley Lee

Sure, Cee Lo Green always appears to be a calm coach on the second season of The Voice, but remember, he once turned his angry feelings into the hit song, “F*ck You” or, as it’s radio version is known, “Forget You.” The singer has recently revealed his inspiration for the song…note: it’s NOT about a girl! Read on for the relatable story, as well as his ode to swear words—when appropriate, of course.

Esquire asked Cee Lo about the inspiration behind his hit song.

“As an artist, you realize that sometimes songs become bigger than you. You have to give them away,” he expressed. “You know what I’m saying? It’s our song.”

The Voice coach explained that the song was written ”about my relationship with my label at that moment” and not about an actual girl.

“In a literal way it’s about a girl. The storyline is fictitious for the most part, but we’ve all been there a time or two. I mean, not literally, at least not for me,” he joked. “But when I was writing it, the message came from someplace different. I’d been recording for three years and I had over seventy songs, and I was ready to be heard. But my label was just sitting on it, and it was very disheartening, not knowing if what I was doing was good enough. It seemed like I couldn’t please anybody. So of course, figuratively, I was like, ‘You don’t you like me? Well f*ck you!’ It was very cathartic.”

Though he does love cursing on a regular basis, he knows when to shut his “sailor” mouth, especially for a family show like The Voice.

“I’m a professional. I try to be appropriate for whatever the age demographic is for a particular audience. But in my heart, I’m a rebel. This is rock ‘n’ roll, you know what I mean?”

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