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American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Brings The Dreaded Group Round

February 09, 2012 07:12 PM by Lisa Princ

American Idol on FOX was back tonight with the next part of the Hollywood week. Tonight, the remaining contestants had to take on the dreaded group round! Who was up for the challenge, and who fell flat? Read on for the highlights!

American Idol was back tonight with more of Hollywood week, and things kicked off as Symone Black was tended to after falling off the stage last night. Symone was taken to the hospital to be checked out, as she hit her head, and they thought her low blood sugar caused her to black out. Symone was luckily moving on to the next round, along with Jeremy Rosado, but unfortunately, both Lauren Minx and Ethan Jones would not be moving on.

Next, the remaining contestants were visited by Executive Producer, Ken Warwick, who informed them that they would now need to form groups, and each group needed to contain contestants from both day one and day two. This proved to be a tough task for Alisha Bernhardt, a police officer from the St. Louis auditions, as well as Amy Brumfield, the controversial “tent girl,” who was suffering from a bug, leaving the other contestants avoiding her.

Most of the contestants were able to quickly get groups together, and just when Alisha thought she was hopeless, Amy Brumfield found her and was willing to join her. Brianna Bell was setting her standards way too high as this diva could not choose a team. Alisha Bernhardt was then joined by 2 more contestants, and they could not agree on a tune, which made Alisha leave the group and go back on the hunt. Alisha finally found a group for her, but she appeared to be having issues with the song they chose.

Symone Black came back from the hospital, and it turned out that she was just a little dehydrated, but she now had to search for a group – at the last minute! Symone easily found a group of four that took her in. Meanwhile, Amy Brumfield was struggling to keep it together while sick. Brianna Bell finally found her group, but they seemed to have some disagreements about staying up to work on their tunes. One of the group members, Jennifer, was in tears as all the members of her group started to flee to get some rest. Brianna then surprised Jennifer, and the pair worked on their tunes for a bit longer.

We also watched Brielle Von Hugel, who was in the group round last season with Pia Toscano, work with her group as her mother watched from the sideline. Heejun Han was having some disagreements within his group, but they seemed to have worked through them by the morning, although Heejun did not appear too happy with his teammates. We also watched as contestant after contestant was coming down with whatever it was that Amy Brumfield had, but Amy was not letting it get the best of her as she continued to work hard with her group.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next week to see who makes it through! Tune in Wednesday to see which hopefuls survive the dreaded group round!

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