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Jersey Shore Recap: A GPS System in Pauly’s Blowout

February 09, 2012 09:10 PM by Candace Young

Last week on MTV‘s Jersey Shore, JWoww began to have issues in her relationship with Roger, Snooki had a UTI, and Mike decided to stop being nice and apologetic and begin making problems for Snooki again. Keep reading to find out who meets their stalker this week, and which two house mates might wind up related…

The week kicks off with Mike conspiring on the phone with The Unit, Deena waiting for Vinny to take a poop so she can shower, and Jenni in a funk over Roger. The Jersey Shore gang later head out to the club, and Snooki is miffed that Jenni’s not being more fun. Jenni decides to just head home.

Vinny is about to take a chick home when he spots one much better looking. Chick number 1 returns and Ronnie makes the ‘busted’ sign. Vinny introduces the two girls – hilarious! Deena tries to dance with the first chick to keep her off Vinny. It gets better – the second chick; the chosen one, tells Vinny she’s a lesbian, and the first girl tells Deena she probably wouldn’t do Vinny!

Back at the house, JWoww finally gets Roger on the phone and asks where the hell he’s been. When he says she’s playing games, she hangs up. Snooki, who has staggered home alone up the boardwalk, stumbles into the house.  The others come in later. Vinny manages to get the first chick into bed. Pauly D‘s with a bleached blonde.

The next day finds Snooki, still drunk, rolling around in the hammock outside and declaring to the camera that she needs therapy and an AA meeting. Vinni wakes up pleased with his ‘average’ smush. Jenni takes a call from Roger that he’s still at work and will be running late. She’s pissed and reads him the riot act for hanging out at the beach with his boys and for not being on time. It’s another hang up.

Pauly D heads off to work with the Meatballs, who decide to run through the store and then deke out. Danny and Pauly are stunned. Danny goes to find them and brings them back. Later, a girl comes in who is getting married – and they leave to get drinks with her!

At home, Pauly D tells Jenni and Vinny about his stalker, who hangs around outside the t-shirt shop when he’s working. The trio head out to look for the Meatballs. Not surprisingly, they find them on the boardwalk dancing and drunk. Jenni stays with them. Snooki is pleased to have ‘Fun Jenni’ back. Pauly and Vinny continue down the boardwalk where the stalker makes another appearance. Vinny’s convinced she stuck a GPS system into Pauly’s blowout. When a grenade war breaks out, Vinny calls her over and introduces her to Pauly.  She doesn’t even talk, but her Pauly D airbrushed ball cap and a t-shirt that says ‘The cabs are here’, say it all!

Mike wakes up at the house to find no one there. When the others return, he’s puzzled to find Snooki making nice. Jenni gets into a bed to have a cry over Roger. The Meatballs and Mike head out together.

The mood is somber back at the house later when Ronnie and Pauly talk to Snooki and Deena about how disappointed Danny was in them for ducking out on work. Deena calls to apologize, but he’s not too receptive.

The next day, it’s time for some ‘cornhole’ – Ronnie sets up the beanbag toss game on the deck. Sunday dinner is Chinese food. At the table, it comes to light that Mike’s older brother is dating Deena’s sister – it’s a concern for The Situation that he may become Deena’s brother-in-law. He goes to call The Unit, who tells Mike he thinks it might be a ‘smash and dash’. Mike hangs up and the phone quacks – it’s Deena’s sister, Joanie. Mike pretends to be happy she’s dating his brother – so fake!

Pauly D and Vinny run into Roger at the gym. He sounds off about Jenni acting like a fifteen year-old. Vinny tells the camera he’s on Roger’s side – Jenni needs to grow up and call him back.

Back at the house, Vinny fills JWoww in on how Roger’s over her games. He suggests she call him. She decides she will. On the phone, Jenni apologizes, and Roger tells her he did nothing wrong. In fact, he informs her in no uncertain terms that if she doesn’t stop with her insecurities, they will be done. Roger doesn’t mess around!

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One Response to “Jersey Shore Recap: A GPS System in Pauly’s Blowout”

  1. shar-bar Says:
    February 10th, 2012 at 11:35 am

    This show is hilarious and I can’t get enough of it. Yes it is purely comedy and it entertains me. My life would be full of my drama if it wasn’t for theirs. Even if I have to work at DISH or have night school, I still stay connected to my shows using TV everywhere. I can stream all my channels I get at home on my iPhone. I really hope JWoww and Roger work things out.


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