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The Biggest Loser’s Adrian Dortch Has Positive Attitude After Being Eliminated

February 09, 2012 07:09 AM by Lisa Princ

This week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, we saw the elimination of Adrian Dortch, not surprisingly, since he was never really welcomed by the red team upon returning to the ranch. Despite all the drama that has gone down in the past two weeks, Adrian is more positive than ever, and plans to win the at home prize! Read on for the scoop!

The Biggest Loser‘s Adrian Dortch came back on to the ranch last week, after he and his sister had lost over 50 lbs at home. Adrian may have came on strong, but Conda jumped right on him and we did not see any end to the drama. Despite all the negativity that he faced on the ranch, Adrian has a positive attitude since returning home, and continues to do well. Check out what he had to say below!

Question: Why do you think the red team had it out for you, and how was your short time on the ranch?

Adrian Dortch: I believe my showing up, it may have been intimidating. I’m very strong. But my weeks at the ranch were excellent. I mean, I’m from Illinois, and there are no mountains here. There, I was able to go into the mountains and see all of L.A.. I had some of the best organic foods to eat and great trainers. The Biggest Loser franchise is awesome. Yeah, there was a lot of weird stuff that happened on the ranch, but I would not change my experience. Whatever doesn’t break you makes you stronger, and I have truly become stronger because of the experience. Why everything went the way it did, you would have to ask them. I enjoyed my experience, and would not change anything.

Question: You pretty much knew that you were going to be eliminated, why didn’t you just get up and walk out without talking to anyone?

Adrian Dortch: I figured either Roy or myself would be getting eliminated. But, with Roy being there longer, I just knew it was going to be me. I actually wrote a letter to my sister before we even went into the weigh in just in case I was eliminated. It was a lot of stress being on the actual ranch just with that amount of confusion. Anyone who knows weight loss, know that your cortisone levels have to be low in order to lose weight. There are three factors: nutrition, working out, and how you’re feeling. I had great weight loss success when I was at home, so I was okay with that.

Question: Can you tell us what you said to Daphne in your letter to her?

Adrian Dortch: She knew how much getting on the ranch meant to me. She and I were never very close, and we were excited to be able to bond over this experience, so I told her how much I loved her, and enjoyed our experience together. I also told her that I can’t wait to see the confetti fall on her head, and not to let them see her cry.

Question: What do you think about the season of no excuses on the ranch?

Adrian Dortch: For me, the struggle of being on the ranch was uncomfortable. I thought going onto the ranch that I would have this miraculous weight-loss in the time of being there, but I didn’t know that I would come home so soon. The excuse for the last week that I was there was ‘I can’t lose weight on my own,’ and it was ironic because I have lost weight on my own.

Question: Can you talk about your goals now?

Adrian Dortch: I plan to win the at home prize, and just continue to get healthy. It’s funny because now I can actually play Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes with my daughter, and that is what it’s all about. I am already down 140 lbs since starting The Biggest Loser, and I would like to lose more weight than anyone at the finale.

Question: What would you do with the prize money, if you win the at home prize?

Adrian Dortch: First, I’d take care of my mom and dad, who have been such big supporters of me. Then I would probably use it for my non for profit organization, and give back to the community.

Best of luck to Adrian Dortch, we can’t wait to see you at the finale in May! Tune in next week for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser to see what happens when Daphne learns that her brother is gone!

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2 Responses to “The Biggest Loser’s Adrian Dortch Has Positive Attitude After Being Eliminated”

  1. dee` Says:
    February 9th, 2012 at 10:49 am

    I feel Adrian had no chance from the beginning . He was not liked by his team for some unknown reason. He refused to be the puppy they were looking for him to be.Some players expected him to lose more weight, well they didn;t so why should he ? Good job Adrian and may God continue to bless you !!!!!!

  2. whatever Says:
    February 9th, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    This guy is mentally strong like a rock . The stuff that he went through on the ranch with everyone bullying him and he doesn’t even feel the need to comment on it . I am impressed by this guy . I hope he wins the prize .


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