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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Spin A Yarn

February 10, 2012 08:57 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on FOX, Gordon Ramsay travels to Fremont, Calif. to help the owners of the Spin a Yarn steakhouse. But can Chef Ramsay get the husband and wife team to cut the bull and make the necessary changes before it’s too late for the restaurant and their marriage? Find out everything you missed in this all new episode of Kitchen Nightmares after the jump.

This week on Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Ramsay heads to Northern California to the Spin a Yarn, where owners Saki and Jennifer are struggling to keep their business and their marriage afloat.

After taking over the restaurant in 1995, Saki soon hired Jennifer (16 years his junior), who lied and told him that she had experience. Eight months later, the two were engaged, Jennifer and her daughter Makayla were moving in, and Jennifer quickly moved up at the restaurant.

Then a co-owner (still with no experience), to help boost interest in the business, Jennifer decided that a remodel was the best course of action. Saki gave his wife free reign to do what she felt needed to be done. $950,000 later, the restaurant still struggles to bring in business, but with the mounting debt and 10 years left on their lease, that business is more important than ever.

Enter Chef Ramsay.

Instead of surprising the owners at their restaurant, Chef Ramsay meets Jennifer at their home to find out just how bad things are in the couple’s marriage. The bottom line: If Chef Ramsay can’t get the Spin a Yarn back on track, Saki and Jennifer are headed for divorce. No pressure!

After gagging on his lunch, Chef Ramsay goes to the kitchen to find out why the cooks are serving canned seafood. But after seeing the molded, spoiled stuff that’s being stored in the locker, we’re sure the chef is thankful for the canned salmon…even if it was mixed with mashed potatoes.

Jennifer and her daughter have no problem blaming Saki for the state of things in the kitchen, but Chef Ramsay reminds Jennifer that as part owner, she’s also at fault, and they both need to get involved if things are ever going to change.

During the dinner service, the entire staff is beyond frustrated when nearly every dish is sent back to the kitchen. The Spin a Yarn menu is definitely in need of some serious help!

And help is what Chef Ramsay gives them!

Armed with a new sign (the one thing that wasn’t changed during the expensive remodel), and a simplified menu that highlights their prime rib, the Spin a Yarn staff is up for another shot at the busy dinner service. BUT, in the spirit of teamwork, Chef Ramsay wants Jennifer to carve each prime rib order, table side.

Overly dramatic about the idea of having to carve the meat, Jennifer has a hard time managing the prime rib cart — literally. Not only can’t she cut the meat, but the chef has to tell her how to walk through the kitchen door — more than once!

Everything else during the service is going quite well, though, and the customers are loving the new menu. But a problem arises when a large party orders prime rib. Jennifer has been slicing such thick portions that they hardly have enough left. Luckily, the cook prepared an extra, just in case (phew!), and Saki and Jennifer manage to pull it off successfully.

Now that their restaurant is on the upswing, things are looking much better for Saki and Jennifer’s marriage. They still have their little “spats” every now and then, but the couple at least enjoys working together — and they’re actually working!

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3 Responses to “Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Spin A Yarn”

  1. Joe Says:
    February 10th, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Jennifer, the wife seems to be a cold, uncaring and manipulative woman. She single handidly puts the restaurant $1,000,000.00 in debt and takes no responsibility in the restaurants failure along with the obvious lack of compassion in her marriage. What a sad excuse of a human being. Hope Saki will be enlightened when he watches the show and leave his loser wife.

  2. Sam Says:
    February 13th, 2012 at 10:24 pm

    Great show. Makayla is the real star, she should take over the restaurant when she is old enough. She’s pretty hot too!!

  3. Josh Says:
    March 24th, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Actually went to the restaurant two weeks ago. Food was great. Both Saki and Jennifer were there. Both plesant hosts.


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