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Chris Harrison Chats About Courtney Robertson And The Drama

February 11, 2012 01:00 PM by Lisa Princ

This season of The Bachelor¬†seems to have fans angered as Courtney Robertson appears to be playing Ben Flajnik, but don’t be too certain that she has no feelings for Ben. In fact, in a recent interview, Chris Harrison reveals that he believes that Courtney Robertson does have real feelings for Ben Flajnik. What else did Chris have to say? Read on for the scoop!

Most folks to seem to want Courtney Robertson gone from The Bachelor, as her attitude makes her appear as if she has no real feelings for Ben, but that her only interest is…wait for it…winning! However, in an interview, Chris Harrison feels that despite the fact that Courtney has rubbed folks the wrong way: “Courtney is playing this game – and love is a game – there’s a certain game element to it. And this is the way that Courtney plays. And again, it’s not just to win. I don’t think. And it’s not just to play a game for her. I think she does have feelings for Ben. I think she very, very much cares for him. But I also think that, from her experience in her life, this is the way she goes about it.”

While most of us will be left wondering about Courtney’s intentions until the season is over (because something tells us she will not be getting the boot anytime soon), Chris Harrison added of Courtney’s game playing: “It’s working. You know, she’s gotten Ben’s attention. She gets affection. And I’m guessing she’s gotten attention and affection from guys for quite some time using this method. And it’s hard to fault her, because it’s working like a charm. But man, it’s unpopular. And she’s not going out of her way to ingratiate herself with the other women.”

Chris Harrison could not reveal too many details of the showdown we will see next week involving Courtney, but he did reveal that things will come to a head, as more of the ladies start to bring things to Ben Flajnik’s attention. What do you think? Will Ben Flajnik give Courtney Robertson a rose? We wish she would be sent packing already, but chances are it won’t happen. Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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One Response to “Chris Harrison Chats About Courtney Robertson And The Drama”

  1. Sophie Says:
    February 14th, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    Totes agree!! Courtney is a little devil and is really mean to Everyone who knows if she even likes ben


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