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Mob Wives Recap: Relax, Don’t Do It

February 12, 2012 07:40 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of VH-1‘s Mob Wives…. Party at Renee’s, and we all know what that means! Karen Gravano wants to treat the ladies to a relaxing spa day, but when Carla Facciolo is a no-show, tempers flare. It’s gonna take a little more than a facial to calm this crowd! Find out everything you missed after the jump.

Tonight on Mob Wives, after hearing that Ramona Rizzo was talking smack about her man, Renee Graziano is feeling even more disconnected from the group. She knows that Ramona’s going to be at Karen’s spa party, but despite everything she said to Drita and Carla, Renee isn’t about to bring up the drama there.

In fact, Renee’s getting tired of the drama altogether. Instead of dealing with everything going on with her friends, she needs to be focused on her relationship with Junior, which has been difficult, in part because he’s going back to prison soon.

Meanwhile, Drita D’Avanzo is having to break the news of her divorce to her daughter, who doesn’t understand why her parents aren’t going to be together anymore. What a tough situation!

Later, it’s (finally) time for Karen’s spa party, and while they’re setting up, Renee drops a bomb on the ladies, telling them that she invited Drita. Renee says that she did it so Drita didn’t feel left out (ha!), knowing that she probably won’t show.

But where’s Carla?

So does Renee really want everyone to get along, or not?!

Not feeling very relaxed at all after Karen’s spa get together, Renee invites Drita to her house to do her makeup and confides in her about her issues with Junior. Will her negativity push him away? If that doesn’t do it, stealing his cell phone to see if other women are calling him definitely might.

It’s happy hour at the Drunken Monkey, so Carla and Drita head to Big Ang’s for a few drinks. Ang lets Carla know that Karen was upset to find out she wasn’t coming to the party, but they all agree that it was for the best; especially when they realize that the woman doing the spray tanning was another “archenemy” of Carla’s.

Not wanting to deal with rumors anymore, Ramona calls Carla and invites her to lunch so they can hopefully squash everything that’s going on between them, or at least get to the bottom of it all. Carla is hesitant at first, afraid that it’s just going to turn into a screaming match, but Ramona assures her that she’s not interested in that kind of meeting.

Tell us…. Who’s the bigger troublemaker this season — Ramona, Carla, Drita, Karen, or Renee? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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One Response to “Mob Wives Recap: Relax, Don’t Do It”

  1. sierra Says:
    March 6th, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    would not even deface my family for any money. Ya it is her dad’s story but I think that her dad should tell it. Not Karen… She doesn’t care. I belong to a family that was brought up to respect not deface my family or freinds.


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