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19 Kids And Counting Season Premiere Recap: Planning The Future

February 14, 2012 11:04 PM by Ashley Lee

The Duggar family is back on TLC with another season of 19 Kids and Counting! Though the episode is full of fun as the kids pick out trees at the nursery and get lost in a corn maze, it’s also the first episode of a somber season that captures the loss of baby #20. Read on for the recap, including how Jim Bob handles the kids while Michelle speaks to young moms and a pregnancy checkup worries the parents as the doctor can’t locate the heartbeat.

Jim Bob announces that they’re going to plant fruit trees in the front yard and add new life to the family…in a new way, of course. ”He couldn’t do it without using every piece of equipment that he has,” says Jill of her dad and his trucks and tractors—or his “toys” as his kids call them. Thankfully, the nursery sent a few helpers to plant the many, many trees they bought, and planted them at a lightning speed…and without any extra technology beyond shovels!

Michelle is 12 weeks pregnant with child #20, and her diet and exercise has changed a lot. “It’s probably the healthiest that she’s been ever since the first baby!” says Jill. She rounds up the older Duggar daughters for a speaking engagement at a local women’s Bible study, leaving Jim Bob to fend for himself with the boys.

“I feel like my favorite thing to do outside of being with my family and being in my home is reach out to moms, especially those with young children,” says Michelle, who brings her speech materials in a Ziploc back for fears that a baby will spit up on them! The five daughters play a string piece for the women as well.

Back at home, Jim Bob struggles to brush his younger girls’ hair and find them suitable outfits for the day. ”It was very difficult because they’re all young and they’re all running in different directions,” says Jim Bob.

The whole family, including Cousin Amy, heads to Farmland Adventures for a three-mile corn maze, complete with maps that are only legible while wearing 3D glasses. Only nine of the 25 Duggars made it through successfully! They all celebrate with pony rides; Amy even tries to get on one, only to get kicked off by a revolting pony!

Jim Bob and Michelle then head to the hospital for a routine pregnancy checkup, and the parents are asked if they want to hear the baby’s heartbeat. “Every mother, when they’re hoping to hear that heartbeat for the first time, they get very concerned when they can’t hear it right off,” says Michelle. Jim Bob is concerned as well: ”At that point, I thought my heart was gonna stop. I didn’t know if the baby was alive or not.”

After switching to the ultrasound machine, the doctor is able to see the heartbeat. Everything looks good at twelve weeks so far, and it’s bittersweet to watch these episodes as we’re already aware that the baby on our TVs is the late Jubilee Shalom…

What did you think of tonight’s season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting? Should TLC be airing the episodes of Michelle’s pregnancy with the lost 20th baby?

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2 Responses to “19 Kids And Counting Season Premiere Recap: Planning The Future”

  1. Barbara A Snook Says:
    August 13th, 2012 at 12:13 am

    The Duggar family is wonderful to watch and learn from!! It’s all right with me if they want to refer to their 20th child, Jubilee Shalom,as part of their grieving process. Heavenly Father is more alert to the facts than we are, and everyone starts in Heaven and chooses their parents. It’s a teaching process and one of great learning. We all come to earth to gain a physical body, then if Heavenly Father chooses He can take us back at birth or allow us to gain more faith and knowledge to go back at a later time in our life. I am anxious to follow the Duggar family in the next season coming up just to keep the memories of how they came to being such a popular family on television. The next family to watch is the Bates family. The two families cannot and should not be compared on any level.

  2. rom Says:
    October 5th, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    dear :friend or mr:duggar,
    how are you,every one god safe you mr.duggar i promise
    number 20=kids included i pray for you ,



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