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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: The Honeymoon Is Over

February 14, 2012 08:30 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Orange County is all new on Bravo tonight. The party and drama continues at Vicki’s Gunvalson’s dinner party. What will the girls think of the new gal Heather Dubrow? Keep reading for all the details of tonight’s episode of the RHOC.

The girls are all gathered at Vicki’s house for her little backyard soiree.  Peggy and Alexis give each other the evil eye, followed by a fake hug.  Alexis tries to have a conversation with Peggy, but Peggy rarely responds and then runs for a cocktail.  It’s all small talk among the ladies until Heather  interrupts a girl who is talking about her engagement.  “He needs to buy a ring.  Until a man makes a monetary commitment – sorry, he needs the ring,” Heather tells Gretchen’s friend.  The ladies are then curious to know how Heather got engaged.  Heather tells the ladies it wasn’t that great, it was only on a plane ,which was headed to Paris.  Yeah, the girls didn’t feel sorry for her either. 

The ladies finally sit down for dinner and Vicki makes a speech and ends it with, “no fighting!”  Tamra asks why Vicki is so far away from her and Vicki quickly snipes, “because you decided to sit by Gretchen.”  Then Tamra tells the cameras, what we all have known, that she is a little afraid of Vicki.  Tamra admits that she doesn’t want to tell Vicki that she has made up with Gretchen.  Why can’t they all have friendship bracelets? Back to the  dinner, where Vicki announces they are having Cajun food in honor of her southern man.  Yes, Vicki we all know that your love tank is full.  Then out of nowhere Tamra yells out that Gretchen had her lips done.  Completely annoyed, Gretchen denies that she had any work done.  “You can’t take the trash out of the trailer,” Gretchen tells the cameras about Tamra. 

When dinner is served, the girls are appalled!  The servers place “trash bags” of fish in front of the women.  Most of the ladies make rude comments about the meal – class and manors go right out the window.  When the chef gives the instructions, “suck the head out and the juices out,” Gretchen can’t help herself.  Gretchen responds, ”that goes on at home, not here.”  Ewe, we don’t need to know what Gretchen and Slade do in the bedroom. Vicki is obviously annoyed at how the women are acting – so watch out ladies! The biggest dig comes when the ladies are talking about dessert. Peggy makes a jab at Alexis by asking her if she is going to pour ketchup on her dessert.  This goes back to last year when Alexis poured ketchup on everyone’s dessert, because she didn’t want to eat it all. That’s one way to stay skinny!

Vicki announces it’s a school night and that everyone should go home.  As the ladies are leaving Peggy breaks down and cries about Alexis.  Peggy goes and finds Alexis in hopes to have a conversation, but Alexis thinks this isn’t the right time for a heart-to-heart.  Peggy then tells the cameras that she doesn’t want stress and anxiety in her life, so she can’t hang out with these women anymore.  Or is it because Bravo wasn’t going to pay her to be on the show anymore?

We get out first peek at Heather’s mansion, and it doesn’t disappoint.  Heather’s closet is AMAZING!  It seems Heather grew up in New York and wasn’t a fan of moving to Orange County. Heather tells the cameras, “I feel like the only Jewish brunette in a sea of blondes in Orange County.”  We also meet Heather’s husband and her four children. 

Gretchen and Slade are having a pizza night in.  Slade, of course, wants to  know the gossip about Vicki’s party. When talking about Heather, Gretchen thinks she might be too pretentious.  “We got a pull stick out of this one’s ass,” Gretchen tells Slade.  Slade just thinks that any 40 year old would be jealous of Gretchen.

Tamra, Eddie Vicki and Brooks all head to Catalina for Tamra’s birthday. While Brooks gives Vicki a card, Tamra is plucking Eddie’s nose hairs.  Tamra lets us know that the honeymoon phase is over, because Eddie farts in front of her now.  I guess there will be no more soft porn bathtub scenes this season.  

Gretchen and her assistant/boyfriend, Slade, head to her first nude photo shoot.  “He’s still my bitch,” is how Gretchen talks about her man. But Gretchen thinks Slade is lucky because she is the total package,”I’m loyal, hot and I’m good in bed!”  All glammed up, Gretchen holds up her purse (in front of her chest) and the photographer gets the perfect shot.

The love couples are on a boat headed to Catalina. Vicki scolds Brooks for trying to kiss her, she doesn’t like PDA.  The drinks start flowing and Vicki does her famous, “who hoo!”  It gets weird when Vicki and Eddie start flirting, but only in a joking way.  Tamra gets annoyed and grabs Brooks hand and puts it on her boob. The honeymoon is definitely over, because Eddie tells Tamra “not to act like a f&*$ing idiot.”  The mood changes and it’s not a good one. 

What did you think about tonight’s episode?  Let us know, leave a comment below!

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