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American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Comes To A Close

February 15, 2012 08:31 PM by Lisa Princ

Ryan Seacrest and the gang of FOX‘s American Idol were back tonight with more of Hollywood week. After last week’s disastrous start to the group round, would any of the groups be able to pull together for a good performance? Read on for all the highlights!

Day One

Hollywood week continued on American Idol tonight as the groups were ready to perform. First up, were The Bettys, who struggled to keep it together last week, and they struggled to perform tonight. Only two of the ladies, Jennifer and Carrie, were sent through, while Brianna was sent packing. The next group, called Groupsauce was up next with their rendition of Hold On..I’m Coming, and they blew it out of the water! The judges all agreed that every member of this group was moving on.

679 was up next to take the stage, complete with a fully recovered Amy Brumfield. This group struggled from the starts as Jackie fell down, but mustered up the energy to perform. Their performance of more than a feeling was horrible with both Dustin and Jackie forgetting the lyrics. Amy, Jackie and Dustin were all let go, and then we watched quite a few more lyric mishaps.

Police officer, Alisha Bernhardt, and her group were absolutely awful, with none of them moving forward. Meanwhile, Imani Handy, of Area 451 was struggling with passing out. Imani fell twice, but decided to go out with group members, Bryce Garcia, Johnny Keyser, and Kristi Krause, and give it her all. Unfortunately, Imani passed out on stage as well, and the judges thought that maybe now was not the time for her, so she was cut along with all the member except Johnny Keyser.

Eben Franckewitz‘s group, Hollywood 5 was up next, and they blew Mercy out of the water. So, Eben, along with Gabi Carrubba, David Leathers, and Jeremy Rosado were all moving on. Unfortunately, many others were then cut, including Symone Black, while Hallie Day and Erika Van Pelton moved on.

Last up to perform was MIT, who struggled to get along last week as Richie seemed to clash with everyone. MIT, which included HeeJun Han, Jairon Jackson, Richie Law, and Phillip Phillips blew the judges away. Despite their bickering and differences, all of these guys were given the green light to move on.

Day Two

Day two of Hollywood Week on American Idol kicked off as the band geared up on the stage, where the hopefuls would have to pull off a tune with them. Joshua Leddet started things off with Jar Of Hearts, and he was great, his energy reminded me of Jacob from last season. Colton Dixon was up next with Daughtry’s What About Now, and the judges seemed to like it, but as a Daughtry fan, I was torn – didn’t he do the same performance last season? The great performances continued with Phillip Phillips, and Jen Hirsch.

One the final day of Hollywood week, we saw Creighton Freiker give us his rendition of What a Wonderful World, earning the judges applaud. Then we watched as contestants struggled with the lyrics once again, some of whom blamed it on the thunderstorm! Reed Grimm was supposed to perform, but he didn’t realize that he needed to perform with the band, so instead, Shannon Magrane took the stage as Reed prepped. 16-year-old Shannon impressed with her huge vocals.

Reed Grimm was then having second thoughts about his entire audition, so he headed back to his room to call his mom for advice. Reed then decided that he would tackle the drums while he was singing, in order to prove that he was different from the rest. Reed did a good performance of Georgia On My Mind, and the judges commented that he reminded them a bit of Casey Abrams, from last season. Skylar Laine was up next with The Way You Lie, and when she finished, Steven Tyler told her she was the best that he heard all day.

The judges first stopped in room one, where we saw Jermaine Jones, Lauren Gray, Adam Brock, and Joshua Leddet all celebrate as they were told they would be moving on! Room two was next with Reed Grimm, Phillip Phillips, and Skylar Lane, who were all told that they were all moving on to the next round.

Next was room three with Rachelle Lamb, who was accused of being rude by another contestant after she belched. Then the judges informed room three, which included Brittney Kerr and Rachelle Lamb, that they did not make it through. Finally, it was on to room four, with HeeJun Han, Gabi Carrubba, Brittnee Kellogg, Richie Law, among others, who were informed that they would also be moving on to the next round.

Now it’s on to Las Vegas for the remaining hopefuls! See you there tomorrow!

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