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Gail Simmons Talks Top Chef’s Culinary Games

February 16, 2012 02:00 PM by Shayla Perry

It’s official! The final three chef’testants competing for the title of Top Chef were selected during last night’s Culinary Games, and despite her amazing fight to the top in the Last Chance Kitchen, Beverly was sent home for good. Find out what judge Gail Simmons had to say about the challenge between Sarah and Beverly, and the “moment of carelessness” that sealed Bev’s fate, after the jump.

“The two final dishes were both really strong and as Tom [Colicchio] said several times in this episode, it was a very difficult decision,” Gail Simmons tells Bravo.

“The flavors and combination of ingredients that they managed to shoot and use was excellent from both sides,” says Gail. “Bev’s celery root, truffle, fennel, Arctic Char, and beets were all really lovely, earthy, and perfect for the fish. Except that they were very strong flavors and the fish was slightly overcooked and overpowered, which is why ultimately Beverly went home.”

“The other thing you didn’t see, is that Beverly had cooked her Arctic Char over lemons, and she — by complete accident — put one of the lemons under my Arctic Char,” reveals Simmons. “It wasn’t what made her lose, but it was a moment of carelessness in her plating.”

And about Sarah’s many biting remarks, slamming Beverly….

“I think Sarah came out of it with an appreciation for Beverly and the knowledge that you cannot underestimate her,” says Gail. “I’m sad that Bev’s leaving us, for the second time.”

Do you agree with Gail? Did Sarah seem to gain a little bit of respect for Bev by the end of the last episode, or was she just happy that she wasn’t the one going home? Tell us what you think in the Comments section below.

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