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Survivor: One World — Exit Interview With Kourtney Moon

February 19, 2012 01:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

When Kourtney Moon was eliminated from the first episode of Survivor: One World, she made history by becoming the first female castaway ever removed from the game due to an injury.  In a conference call with reporters following her elimination, Kourtney discussed her injury and said there didn’t seem to be any clear instruction on how to jump into the net during the challenge.  She also revealed what the reaction was like from her loved ones when she returned home wearing a cast and how she had some convinced she had been attacked by a shark.  Read on for all that and more!

Question: Was there ever a real possibility of you getting back in the game?

Kourtney Moon: No.  I knew it was broken from the very moment I rolled off that net and tried to pull my hand back onto my arm.  It wouldn’t move, it wasn’t going anywhere.

Question: Why weren’t people jumping into the net the way Jeff Probst told you all to?

Kourtney Moon: I think everyone was just a little unclear on how to jump into the net.  I think it just wasn’t as clear and to a science as it seemed to the audience.

Question: Was there any instruction given before the challenge actually started about how to jump into the net?

Kourtney Moon: Yeah.  Yeah.  There was.

Question: And they had instructed you guys to land flat?

Kourtney Moon: My understanding was to put my feet out, to go butt first.  Another understanding of mine was if you were to grab onto the net to kind of help yourself from bouncing too much that could save time.  My main concern was to save time, and I did not want my knees to come back up and hit me in my face, which is why I jumped the way that I did.  I can honestly say I never heard anyone say anything about pulling my hands to my chest.  Then again, you know, we were all pretty excited and our adrenaline was going so that could have easily been something I didn’t hear.

Question: When Probst is on the sidelines yelling out those instructions, I bet it’s something everybody automatically tunes out.  Did you hear him yelling out those instructions throughout the challenge?

Kourtney Moon: I did not.

Question: If the situation had been reversed and one of the men had been injured, do you think your tribe would have continued the challenge or taken the win?

Kourtney Moon: They absolutely would have taken the win.  I think I had noticed some of the girls thought it was kind of chicken shit that the guys took the win.  But I mean, come on.  Everyone was exhausted.  Everyone was tired.  It was a really hard challenge and we hadn’t even gone through half of it.  It was an easy win and I think everybody would have said it.

Question: When you returned home, what was the reaction like from people when they saw you in a cast?

Kourtney Moon: When I immediately hurt myself, of course they had to contact my closest loved ones.  So they were prepared for it.  When my dad saw me, he was still kind of in shock with the whole thing.  I had not told my ex-husband, so I went to pick up my son and their eyes were just wide open.  “What happened?!?!  What happened?!?!”  I had them both convinced I had been attacked by a shark.

Question: How is your wrist doing now?

Kourtney Moon: It’s doing a lot better, but still working on building up the strength and the range of motion.

Question: As far as camp life was concerned for those few days, what was the hardest element?

Kourtney Moon: Dealing with the women.  Camp life was awesome.  I can’t say enough about camp life.  That was my favorite part of it.

Question: One personality we saw a lot of during the premiere was Matt.  He came across as very arrogant on the show.  Is that what you witnessed when you were there as well?

Kourtney Moon: Honestly, I stayed away from the men as much as I could.  My interactions with Matt, though, were always very pleasant.  I was actually surprised to see what I saw (on the premiere) because my impression of him was always a very good one.  I always thought he was just like a human Ken doll.  Beyond that, he was never that way toward me.  I guess I didn’t interact with him as much as the other girls did.

Question: Was this your first attempt to get on the show?

Kourtney Moon: It was my very first.  To be honest, I had never watched Survivor prior to this experience and I guess you could say I was recruited.  I did eventually have to fill out an application and submit a video, but they found me.

Question: Who left in the game does not stand a chance at winning?

Kourtney Moon: I would say Colton because he’s going to exhaust his resources if he doesn’t pick a side.

Question: Do you have any regrets about your time on the show?

Kourtney Moon: I try not to have any regrets.  I would have handled a few things a little bit differently before I left home.  But I think, overall, I was supposed to do that.  All of those things were supposed to happen exactly the way they were supposed to happen.  My only regret would be my not recognizing that.  I think I have, so I’m pretty happy about everything.

Stay tuned for an extended chat with Kourtney tomorrow when she reveals her new battle with cancer.

Are you disappointed that Kourtney was the first person eliminated?  Are you surprised she didn’t feel like there was much instruction given about how to jump into the net?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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