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Tabatha Coffey Breaks Down The Biggest Business Mistakes An Owner Can Make

February 19, 2012 10:00 AM by Shayla Perry

From gay bars to frozen yogurt shops, Tabatha Coffey‘s no-nonsense approach to business has saved a number of ventures on this season of her Bravo reality show. Through it all, the Tabatha Takes Over star has come to discover that there are four main blunders that business owners make, often resulting in the need for some tough love, Tabatha-style.

1. Dirt does hurt! “It’s the first thing that’s in your face,” Coffey explains to The Hollywood Reporter. “So, I look to see how cluttered it is, is it well kept, is it dirty, is there dust everywhere, hair all over the floor, is the place well-manicured and maintained. Because I think that says a lot about the pride that people take in the business.”

2. Be A Boss. One of the things Coffey has found missing in a lot of the businesses she visits is leadership. “Sometimes they check out, because they’ve never checked in,” Tabatha explains, “they don’t really know what they’re doing and they’ve never really checked in. Sometimes, they check out because everything gets so overwhelming. They don’t know how to deal with it, so they kind of check out of their business and they’re not really present in it — either physically or mentally — and then they’re not running it.”

3. Focus, Focus, Focus! “You need to have a good product,” says Tabatha Coffey. “I don’t care what business it is, you have to have a good product.”

4. Face It With A Grin “Your attitude is really reflective, as well,” Tabatha adds. “Do you have a passion for it? Are you nice to people? It’s a customer service industry, you have to be nice to people. And it’s free. It’s easy to smile at someone, it’s easy to acknowledge them, it’s easy to ask how their day is. And that’s for any business.”

An all new episode of Tabatha Takes Over airs Tuesday (February 21) at 10|9c on Bravo.

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