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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Who’s The Captain Of The Ship?

February 19, 2012 08:36 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on Bravo it’s an all new episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The girls came together last week to deliver necessities to orphanages and schools. This week the bonding continues as the talls host a pajama party. Keep reading to find out how Kim is in the middle of the drama, even when she is thousands of miles away.

After a day of giving in South Africa, the women gather for (a four star) dinner and reflect on the fond memories.  The girls feel so blessed, because they saw so many people with so little.  Then Marlo interrupts to tell everyone she needs the waiter, because her shrimp isn’t cooked right. Talk about deprived – poor Marlo can’t eat raw shrimp! Phaedra comes to the realization that the petty fights with the girls just aren’t worth it.  “We forget how fortunate we are as  individuals,” Phaedra tells the other women.  Let’s make a bet on how long this kumbaya moment lasts.  The women toast to giving and call it a night.

The next morning the women head to a museum so Phaedra can, “raise her friends cultural awareness.”  Part of the tour is meeting with an herbalist.  A weird ritual goes on where he makes them smell some medicine, but the girls oblige.  Next the medicine man says, “he can throw some bones and tell you what to do in life.”  Phaedra isn’t into this guy at all!  “I’m not into this foolishness.  I was wishing I had my holy oil and prayer cloth.” 

The bones end up being shells, so I think this guy is smoking his own medicine.  After her rolls “the bones” he makes some noises like he is going to throw up and tells Kandi that she is going to get married.  After Kandi tells him that her last boyfriend died, he tells her that he is always with her.  Kandi doesn’t look pleased.  As for Sheree this guy just slams her and says she is just too old!  Did Marlo pay him to say that to her? Sheree tries to fight back, but the medicine man is adamant that she is not going to get married.  NeNe is up next and the bones say that she is not happy.  He tells her that her husband is a good man and the right man.  Hmm- those bones can tell a lot!

It’s a pajama party!  The talls invite the smalls into their rooms for a night in.  Marlo has all her designer shoes and handbags on display, so the girls can be jealous of her.  The girls count over 23 pairs of shoes, which totals a sick amount of money.  After the girls start drinking and the conversation turns to sex.  Kandi does the splits, because it’s one of her favorite positions. How is Kandi still single?

Marlo has a better move, so she gets down in a lunge and tells the girls to squeeze their “hello kitty!” Just when the girls start to act like friends, Kandi brings up Kim’s name.  NeNe thinks Kim is too materialistic.  Has NeNe met her new BFF Marlo?  The girls do end on a positive note and head to bed.

The next morning Marlo wakes up very sick.  Don’t worry, NeNe will be Marlo’s nurse for the day.  “I hope the witch doctor didn’t poison you,” Phaedra tells Marlo.  I think the talls just wanted some time to themselves. The rest of the girls head out on another safari trip.  The smalls think it’s fun hanging out with Cynthia without Marlo and NeNe.  Cynthia admits that she gets along with Marlo, but their personalities are very different.  Kandi thinks Marlo talks about money too much.  You think?  The driver is trying to show the girls animals, but they are too busy chatting to listen to him.  The girls have totally forgotten they are on a safari. As the girls chat, Kim’s name comes up.  Cynthia just can’t “picture” Kim holding African babies in an orphanage.  Kandi agrees that Kim wouldn’t come on this trip. 

The girls end their safari by eating lunch, to their surprise NeNe shows up.  NeNe asks the people to swat the flies away, so she can choose from the buffet.  The topic of Marlo comes up and NeNe is furious that the girls are talking about her new bestie.  When NeNe defends Marlo, Cynthia agrees with everything that comes out of NeNe’s mouth.  All the girls are amazed that Cynthia can’t stand up to NeNe.  When Kandi tells NeNe, “You are the captain of the tall ship.”  NeNe fights back with, “Kim is the captain of the short ship.”  All the smalls can’t disagree with NeNe’s statement more. 

The smalls gather in a room and talk about how they miss home. The girls decide to call Kim to chat with her. Kim is excited to hear about the trip and wants to know what they are doing.

Kim is surprised to hear that Marlo joined the group trip.  Sheree throws Kandi under the bus by telling Kim that Kandi said she wouldn’t hold a black baby. Actually, Cynthia is the one who said that,  but props for Sheree for defending Kim.

It’s the last night of the trip and the girls are dressed in African outfits and have their faces painted.  When the girls sit down for dinner, Kandi admits she can’t let go of what Sheree told Kim.  Cynthia agrees with Kandi that she never said Kim wouldn’t hold a black baby.  Sheree still defends Kim, so NeNe is getting angry.  “You had to report back to your boss,” NeNe tells the smalls.  Kandi is not happy with that comment.  NeNe demands her talls to tell everyone they make their own decisions. Both the talls nod their heads in agreement with NeNe that they make their own choices.  This has now turned into a talls versus smalls fight.  What happened to not fighting?  “That would be too much like right, with these wrong girls,” Phaedra tells the camera. 

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Is NeNe the captain of the tall ship?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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