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The Bachelor Recap: Hometown Dates

February 20, 2012 08:06 PM by Candace Young

Last week on ABC‘s The Bachelor after a rather anti-climactic confrontation with Courtney Robertson prior to the Rose Ceremony, Ben Flajnik sent Rachel and Emily O’Brien packing. That left four bachelorettes, Lindzi, Courtney, Kacie, and Nicki, to take Ben to meet their families on the hometown dates. Keep reading for highlights…

Lindzi’s Hometown Date

This week, The Bachelor hometown dates kick off with Lindzi bringing Ben Flajnik home to meet her family. She greets him, once again, on horseback. Ben’s turned on, and I’m not surprised – Lindzi’s confidence and comfort level in her own element is evident. They hitch a cart to the horse and go around the track. After, Lindzi tells Ben about her former live-in, whom she expected to marry.

They hitch up a carriage to the horse and head up to the house, where Lindzi introduces Ben to her parents as her boyfriend. Ben is stunned to hear that her parents were married in San Francisco city hall – where he and Lindzi had their first date.  Lindzi’s dad invites Ben to have a horse race complete with trash talk. The parents win, and Lindzi and Ben have to pull their carriage back home for dinner. Fun times!

Lindzi can see a ‘forever’ relationship with Ben at this point, but her mom is wary of him picking someone else and hurting her. Ben chats with mom and dad separately. He admits that he’s not ready to propose to ‘anyone’ yet. Around the bonfire later they give the thumbs up. Ben uses the dreaded word, ‘wonderful’, to describe the day.

Kacie’s Hometown Date

Kacie greets Ben on a field with a marching band while – wait for it – twirling her baton. Kacie runs and jumps into his arms – she’s so cute! They settle in the bleachers for a picnic and Kacie shares some family history. Ben is disturbed to learn that Kacie’s dad doesn’t drink – she reminds him they’re in the bible belt. Since he is a winemaker, Ben anticipates issues finding common ground.

Ben meets Kacie’s parents and sister at her house. Kacie notes that her father is skeptical going into this – I can’t help but think the sight of Ben’s hippie hair won’t help matters.  After dinner, Kacie tells her sister that Ben is her future husband. Meanwhile, Ben sits down with her father to be grilled. He surprises Ben by saying he doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt in this – including Ben. He suggests to Ben that if Kacie is not ‘the one’ that he should communicate that to her very soon. Kacie’s mom conveys that Ben shouldn’t think about moving in with Kacie before marriage. Skeery!

Kacie proceeds to argue with her father after she reveals she would say ‘yes’ to a Ben proposal right now. Her father says he wouldn’t give his approval at this point. What? A few weeks isn’t long enough to date before getting engaged, dad?

Nicki’s Hometown Date

Nicki and Ben meet up by the Fort Worth Stockyards, kiss, and go into a western wear shop to get fitted for cowboy boots. They emerge fully decked out in the boots, cowboy hats, and big belt buckles. Ben’s hair and the cowboy hat make an odd pairing.  Nicki warns her parents may be a tad cautious in light of her previous failed marriage.

Ben meets the family and butters them up by saying how much he loves Texas. Nicki’s dad tells her he is concerned she’ll be hurt again – he still feels like he gave her hand in marriage too hastily the first time. Tears all around. Dad makes a speech wishing them well at the dinner table. A make out session is held before Ben departs.

Courtney’s Hometown Date

Ben meets up with Courtney in Arizona and meets her family right away. Courtney does a bit of a rant to the camera about being sorry for how she’s treated the other girls – mmhm.  Courtney spends time alone with her sister and shares about the skinny-dipping. Ben is like a different person on this hometown date – notably more enthusiastic than he was on the first three. He schmoozes with Courtney’s dad. Courtney makes those little rat faces at her mom as she tells her she’s falling for Ben, and if he keeps it up, she might accept a marriage proposal.

Courtney takes Ben to a picnic table where she talks about her first photo shoot being right there. He notices they are setting up for a wedding nearby. Courtney coyly suggests they take a closer look. Once seated, she produces paper for them to write their own vows and a bow tie for him to clip on. At the altar, Ben reads his vows – something about wondering after the first date if she was too good to be true. Courtney then reads hers, stopping several times to giggle and tell him she’s nervous. Ben is blown away at the way she devised to tell him she loves him (wait, didn’t she just tell her mother she was merely ‘falling’ for him?)…anyway, they seal it with a kiss, and are quite pleased with themselves.

Rose Ceremony

Ben tells Chris Harrison the hometowns were all really great and it will be a tough decision tonight, blah, blah…such bull when he clearly only showed any real excitement on his date with Courtney.

Chris calls the four girls together and wishes them the best. Ben appears and thanks them for an incredible week. He offers a rose to Courtney, who accepts it by saying, “I do.” Yeah. The next rose goes to Lindzi, and the last one goes to Nicki.

It looks like Kacie’s parents scared Ben off successfully. Ben walks her out repeatedly saying he’s sorry. In the limo she says she never saw it coming and is very upset. She eventually loses her ladylike manners and asks over and over, “What the f@#% happened?!”

Ben tells the remaining three they will be going to Switzerland next week.

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3 Responses to “The Bachelor Recap: Hometown Dates”

  1. kathi Says:
    February 20th, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    I’m glad Kacie went home and was spared the agony of being with a guy who was thinking with the wrong part of his body (not his heart or his mind).

    Ben sent her home because he KNEW he wouldn’t get what he wanted in the Fantasy Suite.

  2. EloiseM. Says:
    February 20th, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Just got through viewing tonight’s episode of the bachelor. The hometown dates were really very nice and telling. It did nothing in my mind to make Courtney look better. All of a sudden she is sorry for the way she treated the girls, but they were in the way. So she constructs her big plan to reallu mess with Ben’s mind….tell him she loves him, relates that men don’t treat her well, has a fake wedding, sheds a few fake tears. Oh yeah, it was all there..the master plan to WIN. This female made me dispise her all the more. It was an attempt to humanize Courtney, but guess what? It didn’t work. She’s still what we have all said she is ,,,No good manipulater. I really appreciated Kaci’s parents and their moral standards. They are so very correct. Things fall apart when you move in with the so-called intended. And fast too. Females should learn to just say “No” to the question “Will you move in with me?” Men, being men are going to ask, but the female should just say “No”. Iknow Kaci will survive and do well in her future endeavors of life. I hope we have the opportunity to follow her path somewhat. Ben keeps seeing the red flags and still he keeps allowing himself to get suckered in by Courtney. I’m with the rest…They deserve each other. He is so pathetic.

  3. Daniela Says:
    February 27th, 2012 at 10:35 am

    Courtney is just there for the viewers to look at, not for Ben’s future intentions..he is way too analytical to live or even be with someone having such superficial characteristics.


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